Nissan working on a car control system by means of thoughts

Nissan working on a car control system by means of thoughts


Management of various mechanisms with the power of thought is a longtime dream of many engineers and scientists. Just imagine how great it would be to manipulate computer and other sophisticated devices, it does not need to exert any physical effort. Driving is also included in the list of such fantasies. Here are just some of the major automotive companies come to mind to embody such science fiction into reality? The first such project was the “Brain-to-Vehicle” (B2V) of the Japanese company Nissan.

To connect the brain of the driver and his car – not an easy task. And no, while scientists working in R&D division of Nissan, not I can confidently tell you that they did to tackle this challenge. However, they had for several years explored the brain activity of a plurality of drivers and created a very interesting algorithm which greatly improved artificial intelligence, which is responsible for Autonomous drive cars. In the future this may give rise to light the amazing symbiosis of the autopilot and a live person who can complement each other.

Technology B2V reads the brain activity of the driver in real time and transmits this information to the onboard computer of the car. The driver must put on the head of a special helmet, equipped with many sensors. Studying the brain activity of a person, the Autonomous vehicle is able to predict the subsequent actions of the driver, to guess his wishes and depending on this, adequately and, most importantly, to react to his thoughts. In this case, the word “timely” is equivalent to the fact that the automatic system can take over control of about 0.2-0.5 seconds before it will make the driver himself.

Nissan does not want to deprive a person of connection with their cars. B2V allows you to make the intervention of the Autonomous system in the course of the trip is minimal. The main aim of the project is the creation of such technology, in which a person will feel in complete control of his car, but in specific situations the system will be able to take control of the main system to help somebody out and save his life from various dangers. The system is also able to set the level of discomfort of the person and to adjust the movement of the car so that he felt more comfortable. For the first time Nissan will demonstrate this technology at CES 2018, which will begin within days.