Nokia creates a unified platform for smart cities and IoT

Nokia creates a unified platform for smart cities and IoT


Cisco, Huawei, Verizon and many others are now paying increased attention to the topic of “smart cities”, seeking to invest in the new industry as much money as possible on advanced development. Only the above designated company total are going to spend on the development of these technologies to reach 150 billion dollars, but each of these companies, like many other developers, create their own unique products that can be useful for smart cities of the future separately, Nokia is keen to create a range of versatile solutions able to combine the development of the Internet of things and smart cities into a single platform.

Nokia experts explain that each IoT development is not effective enough, while United on a single platform with other important components it can become one more link needed to fully manage a “smart” city.

Correctly rebuilt all the systems on a unified platform, it will be possible not only to earn but also to save, — explain representatives of the company — you will be able to control the level of contamination, and to track criminals, to catch them with intelligent system Manager, and perform many other useful functions, because the smart city is not only robotic Parking and automatic lighting.

Unmanned sensors will provide a link with a control center specialists Nokia test 5G technology that can provide.