Nokia is developing a device for early detection of cancer

Nokia is developing a device for early detection of cancer


Modern methods of diagnosis can detect dangerous illnesses long before the first symptoms. The establishment of such methods in the first place is to thank major IT companies, who turned their gaze in the direction of creating various devices to detect abnormalities and monitor the condition.

A former giant in the creation of Nokia smartphones (it is “the same Nokia” and not Global HMD, which produces smartphones under this brand today) is actively developing a new industry called “Wellness industry” (which can be translated roughly as “health industry”). This is an industry in which high-tech, gadgets and wearable electronics involved in order to monitor your vital signs and prevent the development of various diseases. As stated by the current CEO of Nokia Rajeev Suri,

“The future of medicine is remote surgery data transmission virtually eliminates latency network standard 5G, and miniature wearable gadgets that continuously monitors the state of health. Such devices will allow physicians to prevent many diseases before they develop”.

As confirmation of his words, Mr. Suri gave the example of developed now Nokia wearable gadget that will monitor the composition of the blood of the organism for the presence of biomarkers of cancer and at the slightest suspicion, to inform both human and doctor. Also the Finnish company at the moment also working on the creation of a special “sleeve” that will constantly monitor the level of cholesterol, lactic acid and glucose in the blood. By the way, for these purposes, not so long ago Nokia has even acquired a European manufacturer of “smart” health device company Withings.