North Korean leader pointedly expressed support for the nuclear program of Pyongyang

North Korean leader pointedly expressed support for the nuclear program of Pyongyang


Северокорейский лидер демонстративно высказался в поддержку ядерной программы Пхеньяна

Statement of Kim Jong-UN came amid attempts by Donald trump and Shinzo Abe to pressure the North Korean regime

North Korean leader Kim Jong UN called nuclear program of Pyongyang “precious sword”, designed to protect North Korea from aggression. His defiant statement came amid new attempts of the US President Donald trump and the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe put pressure on the North Korean regime.

The state media, the DPRK said that Kim Jong-UN on Saturday spoke at the Plenum of the Central Committee of the ruling workers ‘ party of Korea, saying that nuclear weapons are “a powerful force of deterrence”, ensuring the sovereignty of the country in a “protracted nuclear threats of the U.S. imperialists”.

At the same time, he acknowledged that the confrontation of North Korea with the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries in connection with the program of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons is a “complex international situation”.

Kim Jong-UN promised to continue to develop the economy of the country in parallel with the development of the weapons programme of the DPRK, despite the tightening of UN sanctions, aimed at reducing the income of Pyongyang from exporting. According to him, North Korea goes through “trials” in the “harsh” environment, but despite this the economy is growing.

Kim Jong-UN strengthened control of his family over the government, after his sister Kim yo-Jong as a candidate member of the Politburo – the Supreme governing body in which he presides.

Statement of the North Korean leader in support of the DPRK’s nuclear programme sounded almost simultaneously with the Saturday statement trump that “only one thing is going to work” in relations with North Korea after fruitless attempts to negotiate with Pyongyang, which has made previous American administration.

“The presidents and their administration talked to North Korea 25 years was the agreement and paid a lot of money – trump wrote on Twitter. It didn’t work. Agreement was broken when they are still wet ink that was set by the us negotiators fools. Unfortunately, only one thing would work!”

Exactly it is not clear what was referring to trump, but he may have hinted at military action. Trump for several weeks, speaks with sarcastic remarks about Kim Jong-UN. He said that the US “will completely destroy” North Korea, if they have the need to protect himself or allies from attacks by Pyongyang. North Korea has conducted numerous missile and nuclear tests.

Abe, who launched a campaign before the General election in Japan on October 22, said Sunday that it will exert “all possible pressure” on North Korea in connection with its development of missiles and other weapons. Some of Pyongyang launched missiles flew over Japan.

“We need to create a situation in which North Korea wants negotiations and change the policy, said Abe during a political debate. We will protect our country in a stable policy.”