Norway creates world’s first fully Autonomous shipping company

Norway creates world’s first fully Autonomous shipping company


Autonomous vehicles are becoming more common almost every day. Unmanned vehicles, helicopters and even aircraft hardly a surprise. However, the Norwegian company Massterly plans in the coming years to run a shipping company, the whole Park which will be the only self-governing marine vessels.

Massterly, by the way, is not the first Norwegian company that creates self-governing court. In the last year was presented to the ship-robot Yara Birkeland, developed by Kongsberg. Now Kongsberg (part of which is already Massterly) joins forces with Maritime transport company Wilhelmsen in order to build the world’s first shipping company with Autonomous courts. As told by the President of the company Wilhelmsen Thomas Wilhelmsen,

“At this time we are only in the beginning, which later opens a wide market of services of marine auto transport. First we start to use a court-robots for cabotage, and then will reach and the level of international cargo flights.”

In a large-scale project included not only the production of ships and robots, but also design, development and construction of ground control centers, equipment which will monitor the movement of vessels and, if necessary, will be used for remote control. The first ships-the robots have to start cruising the coast of Norway in 2020.