Not only the Confederate Indians of the United States associated with racism...

Not only the Confederate Indians of the United States associated with racism and other monuments


Не только конфедераты – индейцы США связывают с расизмом иные памятники

In the country there are memorials erected in honor of people whose role in history may negatively evaluated by representatives of the indigenous peoples of the Americas

WASHINGTON – against the backdrop of racial violence in Virginia, called plans for the demolition of the monument to Confederate General Robert E. Lee, in different cities of America is the removal or transfer of monuments related to the history of racism in the United States.

At the same time commentators, representing indigenous peoples of the Americas say that society pays much less attention to monuments honouring historical figures who are responsible for the violence and oppression of their ancestors.

They include the indigenous Americans include the following:

The Christopher Columbus monument in Baltimore, Maryland

The first monument to the Italian sailor was erected in 1792 in honor of the 300th anniversary of the “discovery” of America. However, the native Americans see Columbus man who opened the door to the genocide of their ancestors.

Monument of the discoveries in San Francisco

Sculpture from granite and bronze, created in 1897 by Frank Happersberger depicts a half-naked Indian, humbly sitting at the feet of the Spanish settlers and Catholic priest. Spanish priests-the Franciscans established missions in California, where he converted to Christianity, often forcibly, “the heathen Indians.” Later Catholic boarding schools became the main instrument of forced assimilation of Christianity and Western culture.

Monument Junipero Serra on the site of the mission Santa INES in Solvang, California

Serra is considered a person who brought Christianity to California 300 years ago, establishing nearly two dozen missions to use and the “domestication” of tribal peoples. However, historical records indicate that Serra enslaved and tortured native Americans, seeking to have them abandoned their religion and culture.

A monument to President Andrew Jackson in Washington

When Jackson was a forceful eviction of the native American peoples and the cries of the Cherokee from their territories in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee to the West of the country. During the relocation called the trail of tears, thousands of people died.

The equestrian statue of George Armstrong Custer in Monroe, Michigan

Custer defeated by the warriors of the Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapaho at the battle of little bighorn. Before that, he gave the army the order about the attack on the village near the river little bighorn, where the camp 10 thousand Sioux and Cheyenne in resulte which have killed hundreds of their horses.

National memorial “Mount Rushmore”, keystone, South Dakota

The sculpture is carved directly into the rock in the mountain range of the black hills, in the territory taken from the Indians by the Federal government of the United States in accordance with the contract. The resulting legal dispute is still going on.

Monument to don Juan de oñate in El Paso, Texas

Bronze equestrian statue of the Conquistador, created the Spanish colony of new Mexico in the late 16th century. The greatest fame brought him a punitive expedition against the Indians of Acoma Pueblo, in which about a thousand AKOM killed by “fire and bloodshed.”