NYT: Russian, offered information about trump tricked US intelligence agencies

NYT: Russian, offered information about trump tricked US intelligence agencies


NYT: Русские, предложившие информацию о Трампе, обманули спецслужбы США

The New York Times refers to U.S. and European intelligence agencies

A citizen of Russia, who offered last year to sell stolen earlier files of the national security Agency (NSA) of the USA and compromising information on Donald trump, was able to deceive the American intelligence agencies at $ 100,000, reports The New York Times, citing U.S. and European intelligence services.

Money passed in a hotel room in Berlin in September last year, was supposed to be part of the first tranche of $ 1 million, confirmed the publication of American sources and a source from Russia. The newspaper also failed to see the correspondence of the parties.

Theft of classified files has caused serious damage to the NSA, and, according to the newspaper, the secret service tried to install what programs have access to burglars.

Several representatives of U.S. intelligence told the publication that he has not asked the Russian side to provide information on Donald trump, who is suspected of having links with the Russian authorities and by Eastern European cybercriminals.

Nevertheless, the Russian representative said he has information proving the connection between the US President and members of his team from Russia. Instead of providing American intelligence services stolen files, the Russian gave not been checked and possibly fabricated materials containing information about trump and his entourage, which included information about the banking transactions, electronic correspondence, and data collected by the Russian intelligence services.

After that, US intelligence agencies refused further negotiations due to fears that they will be involved in operation against the American authorities, organized Russian side. In addition, according to the newspaper, the information that the intelligence agencies are trying to buy incriminating evidence to trump, could cause scandal in Washington DC.

Central intelligence Agency (CIA) refused to comment on the negotiations with the Russian seller, writes the New York Times.

The national security Agency has limited itself to stating that “all NSA employees are required for life to protect secret information.”

The CIA also has not responded to the request of the Agency Reuters.