Of the seller for the first time to buy residential property

Of the seller for the first time to buy residential property


Photo: Maksim Blinov/RIA Novosti

AHML will buy “Donstroy” one of the buildings in the residential quarter of “Symbol” in the East of Moscow for subsequent delivery of apartments in rent. The sum of transaction can make about 4 billion RUB, the company Informed the Agency bought only apartments

After the property

The Agency for housing mortgage lending (AHML) have signed a Memorandum of cooperation with the company “don-Stroy invest” (operates under the brand of “donstroy”). The Agency intends to purchase 378 apartments and 252 Parking spaces for the establishment of rental housing, told RBC a source close to the buyer.

Information about the transaction confirmed the representative of “Donstroy” and Tatiana Kalyuzhnova, the head of the company “IDI Consulting”, which advised the seller regarding the transaction. To comments, the Agency failed.

We are talking about the eighth case of the residential quarter “Character” of the project, which “donstroy” implements on 60 hectares of the former industrial zone “Hammer and Sickle” in Lefortovo in the East of Moscow. After putting housing in operation, which will be held no later than the first quarter of 2019, the seller will hand over apartments to rent.

This is the third deal of the seller on the market rental business, but the first residential property. Earlier, in 2016, the Agency bought for 13 billion rubles 56 thousand square meters of apartments in residential complexes Match Point and the Liner, developers which are respectively “VTB project” (a subsidiary of VTB) and “Inteko”.

In December of last year deputies of the state Duma expressed concern about the rapid development of the Russian market of apartments and their support of the seller, by sending the relevant parliamentary inquiry to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to the author of the request, the Chairman of the Duma Committee on housing policy and housing and communal services Galina Khovanskaya, an apartment that legally apply to nonresidential, “not safe for citizens”, and the state does not guarantee their residents the provision of utilities.

The head of the press service AHML Julia Kazinets then emphasized that buying flats and apartments, the Agency is guided by the instructions of President Vladimir Putin “on the implementation of pilot projects for the construction of housing, including apartments for commercial rental”.

According to the government’s response to the request of deputies (copy of a document dated 30 December 2016 is at the disposal of RBC), currently “the issue on possibility of registration of citizens in the apartment”.

Non-profit homes

Of the project Declaration, posted on the website of a “Symbol”, it follows that the total area of apartments in eight housing is 25.7 thousand square meters was not present on sale, but the average price of apartments in the neighboring ninth corps 189,6 thousand RUB for 1 sq. m, knows the head of the analytical Department of real estate of the company “best new Building” Sergey Lobzhanidze. According to him, the Parking lots can cost about 300 million rubles “given the size of the transaction, the buyer could get up to 20%,” says Lobzhanidze. Thus, the amount of the transaction, according to the calculations of RBC, could be about 4 billion rubles.

Earlier “Kommersant” with reference to General Director AIZhK Alexander Plutnik wrote that the profitability of rental business can be 8-10% per annum. However, respondents RBC experts believe that investment returns will be much more modest. Lobzhanidze evaluates its no more than 3-4% a year.

The seller is unlikely to take the apartment significantly above the market level and the project has primarily a social function, says Tatiana Kalyuzhnova. One-room apartment around the underground “the Area of Ilyich”, you can rent on average for 40 thousand rubles. per month, two for 55 thousand rubles, follows from the information in the database CYANOGEN. “Private companies have not been able to make a successful projects for the development of rental housing. Today it is capable of is only government agencies that have access to cheap financing,” summarizes Kalyuzhnova.