Oleg Deripaska will start to assemble cars in Iran

Oleg Deripaska will start to assemble cars in Iran


Photo: Oleg Gold / RIA Novosti

GAZ group, controlled by the “Basel” Oleg Deripaska, plans to build buses in Iran already this year. As a partner, discusses the company Iran Khodro. Also, the group plans to resume Assembly of Turkey

GAZ group may localize the production in Iran in 2017. About it journalists were reported by the group President Vadim Sorokin on the sidelines of the Russian automotive forum, confirming that as one of the project partners is regarded by the Iranian automotive company Iran Khodro. In Iran Khodro did not respond to a request RBC.

In December 2016, the representatives of the GAS, the Corporation “Russian machines” (through it, basic element owns the GAS) and the municipalities of the four cities of Iran — Tabriz, Karaj, Urmia and Kuma — signed a Memorandum on the supply of 900 buses for the fleet of public transport cities. During the meeting the Russian and Iranian sides discussed the possibility of delivery kits after the organization of the Assembly equipment in Iran.

In January of 2017 in an interview with TV channel “Russia-24” Oleg Deripaska has informed that the GAS decided to wait with the release to Iran a couple of years for the possible revision of US policy towards Iran.

Today, according to Sorokina, the question is in the definition of partner in the Iranian market. “We are working with several companies in Iran, and I think that in the near future we will determine with the partner, and the area where it will build these cars,” — said Sorokin, adding that the priority consider the Assembly of buses and LCVs on the same site. “I would like to start (delivery kits and Assembly of buses) this year,” added Sorokin.

According to the Director GK “Resonanace” Alexander Sharov, the products GAS are widely demanded in the market of Iran. “If the GAS interests will be protected by Iranian law, they will be able to work successfully as Peugeot and Renault. If they will act as a foreign investor, they will wait for a different fate”, he concluded.

In addition to the activity in Iran to 2017 GAZ group plans to resume the Assembly of vehicles in Turkey. In 2012, the GAS agreed with the Turkish company Mersa Otomotiv on the organization of distribution and Assembly of gazelles in Turkey. However, according to Sorokin, during the crisis in relations between Russia and Turkey business was slow. “Now we activate it back, sent there for the people and restore the full cycle of production of cars”, — he said.

The group plan to expand the line of made in Turkey cars, to include “solid metal” (Gazelle). Prior to that the company manufactured in Turkey side of the machine. “It would be nice if they sold 500 units this year in Turkey,” — said Sorokin.

According to the analyst of “VTB Capital”, Vladimir Bespalov, the Turkish market remains highly competitive. “The GAS is able to attend this market, but, in my opinion, it will remain a niche player because of the high competition,” he added.

In addition to Turkey and Iran, the company in the future considering quitting in Vietnam and Egypt. “We want to work in Vietnam and Egypt, but so far no concrete agreements,” — said Sorokin.

On 20 February it became known that the GAZ group may organize the Assembly of minibuses on the Samarkand automobile plant in Uzbekistan. “From the leaders of the Republic of Uzbekistan, it was stated that they do not see any obstacles of such a project,” — quoted Deputy Minister of industry and trade Viktor evtuhova in the message Department. The GAS representative told RBC that the details on Uzbekistan are not yet available.

According to Bespalov, in Europe quite strict requirements, so it is difficult to establish distribution. “In this case, the Eastern markets are more attractive for Russian automakers”, he added.