On delivery online shopping in Russia began to demand the data of...

On delivery online shopping in Russia began to demand the data of the passport


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Several services of goods delivery from foreign online stores warned customers about the need to provide a scan of the main pages of your passport for reservation

Delivery of purchases from Internet shops BoxBerry has warned its customers about the need to provide a passport scan in a communication dated 5 January (now message deleted from the news archive of the site). “From 01.01.2017 year for customs clearance of parcels to individuals from abroad, you must provide a scanned copy (photo) of your passport main page and page with residence permit/registration document”, — stated in the message. The photo need to be loaded in the user’s personal account on the website BoxBerry “as quickly as possible.” Contact a representative of the company has not yet succeeded.

Among the major Internet sites BoxBerry has partnered with the American store iHerb, which sells vitamins, supplements and other health products. When ordering on the website iHerb receive a warning that the new rules of registration of goods for personal use, the Federal customs service (FCS) of Russia from January 1, 2017 “delay in delivery of orders can make an additional two to three weeks”. “Because of the requirements of the Russian legislation, the customs or the delivery service may contact you by phone or email and request your passport information”, — stated in the prevention iHerb.
The representative of the FCS was not able to quickly answer the questions of the RBC.
As reported by TASS on 6 January, the Chinese online marketplace AliExpress has temporarily suspended delivery of goods to Russia through the Russian logistics company SPSR, due to problems with customs clearance at the border. Later that day, the Agency announcedthat Express shipping to Russia is suspended and English multi-brand clothing store Asos. As AliExpress, it works with SPSR. As the main partner in Russia is indicative of other major Internet sites in the world: Macy’s, Amazon, eBay and JD.com.
The representative of the SPSR is not yet answered the questions of the RBC. However, in a statement on the website of the company saysthat from 2 January 2017 in the issue customs foreign parcels “individually also requested copies of passports of the recipients on paper”. To delivery deadlines, SPSR offers buyers to provide a copy of passport operators your contact center or wait for a call of experts of the company.

Deputy CEO of the operator of customs payments “Multiservice payment system” Andrey Cheshko reported that, according to them, from 1 January has really increased the amount of information that FTS queries during customs clearance of Express shipments. If earlier it was enough scan of the first page of the passport of the recipient of the parcel, now also requires the page with a residence permit. “More stringent requirements on the amount of information can be associated with additional risk profiles for customs clearance and not change any existing rules, says Cheshko. — Express carriers are forced to contact each recipient’s premises and to request additional documents, which dramatically increases the time of customs clearance of parcels and their delivery.” According to him, the company observes a decrease in the volume of Express parcels processed through their system. “But this may be due to a lull for the period of January holidays and observed tightening in terms of customs clearance of Express parcels”, — said the representative of “Multiservice payment system”.

In AliExpress not answered the questions of the RBC. The eBay representative declined to comment. Contact other large foreign Internet shops failed. According to Aleksei Semkin administrative several Chinese stores on AliExpress, the Russian customs began to delay sending not 1 January and the twentieth of December. “The delivery service SPSR sent goods most of my customers from Russia, who bought goods weighing more than 2 kg. the Buyer does not choose what to send, this is normally “free shipping”, so the method chosen by the seller, usually focusing on the cost. At SPSR are not divided into Express and standard shipping. Now the Chinese were given instructions to withdraw the parcel in transit and to send others in ways that we did,” Semkin said. He said that online store on AliExpress requires the buyer only name and address, and personal information requests already SPSR. “Not all buyers respond to this requirement SPSR, so the operators call up customers and update the data,” said Semkin.

The President of the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) Alexei Fedorov glad to toughening of customs rules for overseas parcels. Representatives of the AKITA has repeatedly pointed out that the Russian Internet-shops are in worse conditions in comparison with foreign competitors. “Finally, Russian customs has done the right action that aims to understand who is the recipient of the parcel. So far we in Russia had a huge flow of parcels unmarked and understanding, to whom they come. Even the barrier of €1 thousand (same amount in a month, the buyer may purchase goods in foreign online store without payment of duty. — RBC), which the state got in the way of offshore trade has not worked because customs could not define, who how many parcels received,” — said Fedorov RBC. At the same time, he noted that while the measure affects only those carriers, “which was the most honest, transparent and understandable for the state”: companies that were previously selected to participate in the customs experiment for fast processing of parcels. The main flow of unregistered parcels, according to Fedorov, is delivered “Mail of Russia”.

According to Fedorov, the number of packages with the introduction of the new rules will not change. “Buyers are foreign online stores was just not ready to provide passport data. After a few weeks the situation will improve and everyone will get used to play by the new transparent rules of the game,” he said.

The representative of “Mail of Russia” RBC said that buyers of the stores, the official partner of which is the enterprise under condition of delivery of the order through him or EMS Russian Post (branch of “Mail of Russia”, provides services of Express delivery) rules of registration and delivery has not changed. According to him, the buyer must submit the original passport once at the time of receipt of the parcel. As explained by the representative of the company, postal operator and commercial delivery of different rules, but the details he did not specify.