On the brink of new battles

On the brink of new battles


The political analyst Edward Lozansky — will the Trump “to drain the Washington swamp”

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The triumphal entry of the 45th President of the USA of Donald trump at the White house on 20 January. His victory is certainly not the eighth wonder of the world, but, of course, the event is quite extraordinary.

Against trump fought not only opponents from the Democratic and other parties, but the so-called establishment of his own Republican party and the vast majority of the media and many of the oligarchs, traditionally supports the Republicans.

His enemies joined in and all intelligence agencies, and their in America as many as 17. Surely there were other opponents in the country and abroad, prefer itself not to advertise.

The amount of dirt and insults, results for trump out of the mouth of opponents from the pages of the media, including Newspapers and TV, until recently considered respectable, had to completely destroy it in the eyes of ordinary voters. However, contrary to all predictions, nothing happened.

However, after January 20 will occur weekdays and time to fulfill campaign promises. It is clear that he will not be able to perform all of them, and now in his statements there are hints of future compromises, which is quite natural. However, perhaps the main intrigue — the future of US foreign policy and relations with Russia.

It is known that Russia and its President Vladimir Putin is constantly present not only in the American election campaign, but I continue and will continue to play a greater role in the political life of the country.

Clinton and her team have relied on the demonization of Putin and a direct accusation of trump is that he is an agent of the Kremlin. The best speakers and journalists was thrown into this job, but it turned out that their efforts were not enough.

However, it is naive to think that the same political quagmire that trump promised to drain, so just give up and follow the new President for carrying out the proposed practical reformatting the entire internal and external policy of the country. Such reforms may affect important interests are too large and powerful forces that will do everything possible to counteract the ideas of the trump.

Opponents of rapprochement between Russia and the USA there is another important reason. The fact that trump has repeatedly stated that his immediate initiative after taking office, will offer to Putin on cooperation against Islamic terrorism, and there is reason to believe that such consultations between his team and Moscow has already begun.

It is clear that such cooperation involves close interaction between the intelligence services of the two countries, and such attempts have already been made in the past — for example, after the events of 11 September 2001 in Afghanistan and in 2011 in Libya. However, a more radical and far-reaching proposals of Putin and Medvedev was then rejected by Bush and Obama. Now trump is going to take these ideas seriously, which causes a sharp opposition from the US intelligence. As you know, the last 12-15 years their efforts were directed not at finding ways of cooperation, and not just to contain Russia, and therefore turn the steering wheel almost in the opposite direction it will be difficult.

Now it turns out that Obama, unlike his predecessors, is not going to retire and not to interfere in the work of the new President. To return to his native Chicago, he does not intend to, and plans to settle in Washington and recruit a professional team, including resignations of employees of intelligence agencies, to counter the reforms trump.

The Congress also formed a strong anti-Russian lobby, which should quickly push through Parliament another package of sanctions, to impede Trump the process of normalization of relations with Russia.

Large battles will also unfold shortly in the Senate during the discussion and approval of the candidates nominated by trump on Cabinet posts. Many of them have serious opponents, but it was around a candidate for the office of the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson has long been hotly debate because of its alleged close relations with Russia and the order of Friendship, which he received from the hands of Vladimir Putin.

The outcome of this fight will be the first important test for the trump, and so now in Washington, there are complex behind the scenes bidding and negotiations in search of any compromise, for example, appointment as first Deputy Secretary well-known anti-hawk John Bolton. That Tillerson would also want to show their tough stand, compared to Russia and Putin with bullies on the Playground who recognize only force. Perhaps this phrase will help him get a few missing votes.

Anyway, it is already clear that the electoral victory was to trump not only the first and most difficult step in its fight with the Washington establishment. Ahead of the huge number of important problems, and as a person who believed and voted for him, I can only wish him luck.

The author is President of American University in Moscow

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