On the coast of Texas is a hurricane coming

On the coast of Texas is a hurricane coming


На побережье Техаса надвигается ураган

“Harvey” may be the most powerful hurricane in the country for 12 years

Hurricane “Harvey” in the Gulf of Mexico is rapidly gaining momentum and could be the most powerful storm in the continental United States over the past 12 years, striking at the heart of American petrochemical industry.

As expected, “Harvey” is currently a hurricane in the second degree – will hit the country on Friday evening or Saturday morning, with wind speeds up to 201 km/h.

A hurricane can cause sea level rise to a height of 3.7 meters and yield up to 97 cm of rainfall in parts of Texas.

Also are flood warnings for Northern Mexico and Louisiana.

In connection with the threat of a hurricane on the southern coast of Texas, where there are 5.8 million people and carry out evacuation canceled the first day of classes in schools.

The energy company on Thursday closed located on the coast of the refineries, evacuated workers from offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico stopped drilling in South Texas.

According to forecasts of the National centre for hurricanes, “Harvey” will reach U.S. shores in the status of a hurricane category three on the Saffir-Simpson scale, becoming the first powerful hurricane in the continental United States since hurricane “Wilma”, which struck Florida in 2005.