“On the situation in the country”: the main themes – the economy,...

“On the situation in the country”: the main themes – the economy, immigration and trade


«О положении в стране»: главные темы – экономика, иммиграция и торговля

On Tuesday, trump will speak at a joint session of Congress with the annual appeal

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday will address “the state of Affairs in the country”, which is expected to emphasize the strong state of the economy and will be encouraged to develop a bipartisan solution on immigration.

Trump will deliver an address at a joint session of Congress a year after taking office and after about a week after the Federal government partially ceased operations due to disagreement between the parties around the budget and the fate of millions of undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.

According to the White house, in his address, trump will talk about jobs, the economy and tax reform, and urge lawmakers to approve his plan for infrastructure financing in the amount of trillion dollars.

As expected, the President will also address issues relating to national security, including nuclear and missile activities of the DPRK, and will also point out the need for fair trade policies.

According to tradition, at the end of a presidential address, a few Democrats will make brief speeches in response.