On the weekend, SpaceX will orbit two communications satellites

On the weekend, SpaceX will orbit two communications satellites


After the successful launch of superheavy carrier rocket Falcon Heavy company SpaceX is ready to proceed with the next run. This time on the earth’s orbit will see the satellites through which it will be possible to access the Internet. Official representatives of the company Elon musk decided that the hype around this mission should not be diluted. In the end, it’s not so important in the historical scale of the mission, as the launch vehicle Tesla Roadster with the dummy Starman behind the wheel.

On the launch it became known quite by accident — from a letter sent by SpaceX last week to the Federal communications Commission. Last November the Commission gave the company Ilona Mask license to orbit Earth satellites, which provide users access to the Internet. See you this link. Under license by SpaceX won the right to launch two test satellites Microsat-Microsat 2a and-2b over the next 24 months.

The size of both satellites, according to published documents, is 1.1 x 0.7 x 0.7 m. They include on-Board computers, the components of the power system, including solar panels with a total area of 16 square meters, the devices determine the height, numerous sensors, components control the movement of the satellite, antenna and more. The satellites will be launched into orbit launch vehicle Falcon 9 on Saturday 17 February at the launch pad at a military base Vandenberg in California.

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