On your own schedule

On your own schedule


Faction of the state Duma approved the programme of work on regional week

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The week from October 24 to 28, the parliamentarians will hold in the regions. According to the new regulations of the state Duma to work with electorate MPs have once a month. Next week MPs will be accountable to the electorate about the course of consideration of the draft budget for three years and will discuss the social problems of specific regions.

We will remind, in new convocation of the state Duma went on a three-week work schedule in the autumn session. In the sixth convocation deputies gathered at a plenary meeting three times a week and worked two weeks in a row. The next two weeks MPs have been allocated to communication with voters in the regions and work in committees. However, some MPs spent the time in personal travel, more like a vacation.

Interviewed by “Izvestia”, the members of the factions said that with the introduction of the new system work will be organized, and shared plans for the first regional week.

— Planned reception of citizens in the public reception of the party in the regions and cities held a meeting of deputies with representatives of factions in local legislatures, — have informed “news” the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Nikolay Pankov. — We will discuss the main issues of legislative activity, the implementation of the election program of the party and the fulfillment of the may presidential decrees. The deputies elected on party lists, will meet with activists of the regional offices, and single-mandate deputies — with deputies of municipal level, — said Pankow.

Regional branch of the party will help the deputies to meetings in the new format, told “Izvestia” head of the CEC of the party “United Russia” Vladimir Burmatov.

— Each region has its own specifics, so we are not talking about a single agenda, and help — because not every Deputy on the force to assemble a faction in the legislative Assembly, and this format is very important because regional meetings are the deputies from specific territories that are in-depth knowledge of regional issues and, together with the state Duma deputies can work to resolve the most serious for these cities and districts of the issues, — said burmatov. Or, for example, some of the deputies have no foster in the territories, not all managed to pick up a helper, and we proposed them to hold a reception of citizens at the regional public reception of Chairman of the party. In the future we will offer other formats do not exclude that in the end of the year will help to organize public reports to the citizens and the media.

United Russia will discuss the formation of the Federal budget by 2017 (it submitted to the state Duma is expected October 28), projects on doindeksatsii of pensions, lump sum payments to pensioners, on tax policy.

In the factions of the Communist party, “Fair Russia” and LDPR “Izvestia” explained that the centralized agenda no, each member builds work with the region on your own schedule.

— All members of the faction are required and have already left in their assigned region, but the agenda forms the Deputy, — has explained “news” the chief of staff of the LDPR faction Maxim Zaitsev. — If the member re-elected from their region, most likely, he will first pay attention to the problems that promised to solve during the election campaign. The newly elected will meet with deputies of local legislative Assembly and forming with them a work plan.

The Communist party General party issues have been discussed with regional colleagues at the Plenum of the party Central Committee on Saturday, said the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communication Alexander Yushchenko.

— We summed up the results of the election campaign, assess, and draw conclusions. Then many members went to the regions, and the rest to go these days. Under the new rules we a bit cut off the opportunity to travel around the country, will now have a more efficient use of time. The deputies work on his own program, he said.

“Fair Russia” discussing with the regions the last introduced in the state Duma the bills, have informed “news” the first Deputy of the head of fraction Alexander Burkov.

— We broadcast to the regional level initiatives that can be addressed at the level of the legislatures of the subjects. For example, the abolition of the vehicle tax. There are also bills under joint jurisdiction, they also go down to the regional level. Some regions offer their own initiatives, they also discussed, he said.

According to experts, the reduction in regional weeks, the state Duma is in line with another change of the rules — the prohibition to vote by proxy instead of colleagues on fraction. On 21 October a corresponding decree with the amendments to the regulations were adopted at the plenary session of the state Duma.

— Everyone has to do their job — if you decide to become a Deputy, moonlighting is not a plus either in terms of legislation, either in terms of constituency interests, — said the member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies (ISAPI) Alexei Zudin. But there is another side — for honest MPs to reduce the time of stay in the region could damage its work with voters. In this sense, you should think about how to expand the opportunity to attract regional work of the assistants should be more of them. This is the resource, over which is worth considering.

According to the Professor of the Department of state service and personnel policy Ranepa Victor Nechiporenko, change the rules fundamentally affect the effectiveness of the work of the state Duma.

— While a very small percentage of bills which are accepted on the initiative of deputies. Many of the documents are prepared or finalized seriously in government, and from the rules here a little that depends. Although it is very important that lawmakers still had an opportunity to hold meetings in the districts, he explained.