Online cinema Tvzavr open access to Russian films abroad

Online cinema Tvzavr open access to Russian films abroad


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Russian online cinema Tvzavr has entered into contracts with the owners about extending rights to domestic films from the library of the video service to a global audience

We are talking about more than 5 thousand films that will be available to users abroad from October 27, said RBC representative Tvzavr.

Domestic films can be viewed from anywhere in the world on all platforms Tvzavr (website, apps, or Smart TV), and also in the application “Russian cinema” and Part of the film will be available simultaneously with the release in theatres. According to TelecomDaily for 2015, in terms of content Tvzavr (in the library service 40 thousand movies and TV shows) yields Megogo (77 thousand paintings), iTunes (75 thousand) and ivi (45,1 million).

As explained RBC is one of the owners, whose content will see around the world, Director for licensing of the film companies Enjoy Movies Jadwiga Lisitsyna (in the portfolio production company the film “Corporate”, “Moms”, “Mafia: game of survival”), cooperation with Tvzavr the extension of rights to foreign countries is happening in terms of minimum guarantee payments (i.e. the amount that is guaranteed will pay users for viewing). After exceeding this threshold — the income is divided between the partners equally.

“More than 30 million people — Russian-speaking audience, which previously could not watch Russian films abroad,” says RBC General Director Tvzavr Marina Shurygina.

The first experiments

The majority of Russian online cinemas remains focused on the domestic market, though attempts to work for the Russian-speaking audience outside the country.

The first foreign markets came largest video service Megogo, initially made the bet in its development strategy on the territory of the former USSR. As said RBC General Director Megogo in Russia Viktor Chekanov, the company is present in Western markets almost since its inception. “The ratio of content of the Russian and foreign production for Western markets 85% to 15%. We used a mixed monetization model, with emphasis on one or the other depending on the characteristics of the market in which we operate. If you look at the amount of available content outside of Russia (and the CIS), about 60% of the library available to the world”, says Chekanov.

In 2015, the CIS went online cinema ivi. And in 2016, he opened a test access to part of his or her library for viewers from France. In addition, the ivi launched a marketing survey to address questions on the feasibility of entering in a number of countries (Germany, USA, Israel).

The content preferences of Russians, especially outside of Moscow and cities focused on Russian cinema and TV series, therefore, the policy system has historically lined up appropriately, says a senior Manager of practice for providing services to companies in telecommunications, it and Media at PwC Russia Alexei Krasnoselsky.

“As for abroad, there the question of Russian online cinemas is first and foremost to the demand of the domestic content. The most obvious step is to focus on the Russian audience”, — said the interlocutor of RBC.