Opera released a browser with protection from mining for smart devices and...

Opera released a browser with protection from mining for smart devices and PC


The developers of Opera browser long ago drew attention to the problem of covert mining, so decided to protect PC users and smart devices from hackers. First they released a secure version for computers, and recently arrived, and the updated browsers for mobile devices.

In a press release published on the developer site, it says that hidden mining is detrimental to the users ‘ devices, adversely affecting their productivity and fraying the batteries of gadgets. Therefore, the creators of a new Opera, decided to defy the hackers and to prevent similar situations in the future.

According to researchers in the field of cybersecurity, hidden app miners who use computing power of computers around the world, embedded in millions of websites. When a PC user enters such a resource, the miner starts to load the hardware of the victim, which at this time does not suspect anything, helping the unscrupulous owners of the resource quietly to earn a little cryptocurrency.

“When you’re browsing a website, a computer or other device in no way indicates that the program-miner is running, but if from the site for a long time not to leave, the battery will start to discharge catastrophically quickly, and the device performance will drop significantly,” — says the developers of secure Opera browser.

New version of Opera, designed for PCs and mobile devices, automatically locks the miners with the improved ad blocking feature. As long as hackers can not write a valid “patch” that block protection Opera, you can sit on the Internet and not have to worry about stuffing someone’s crypto, at the same time “killing” your tablet or smartphone. Download the new version in the app store and on the developers website.

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