Operators adds a term

Operators adds a term


Internet companies will be obliged to store information on the exchange of messages between clients a year instead of the current six months

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The Ministry of communications of Russia has prepared amendments to the government decree, which determines the storage period of logs on the Internet. From 1 July 2018, the organizers of information dissemination in networks (i.e. social networks, email services, instant messengers and many other sites in the Russian jurisdiction) shall in the course of the year to “remember” — with whom, where and when communicated with their users.

Now this information should only be kept for six months. We are talking about “metadata” — facts to exchange text, video, sounds and images, the log-ins and location sharing. The content of the message will also have to be stored — but only six months.

Interestingly, operators of the “Spring package” requires from the same July 2018 to store user logs for three years.

In a press-service “the Megaphone” have informed that the proposals of the Ministry of communications was not consistent with market participants. The representatives of the other operators of the “big four” did not comment on his “inequality” with Internet users. In Mail.Ru Group did not respond to a request.

The communications Ministry declined to comment.

Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev recalls that the volumes of logs are small in comparison with message content.

— The logs do not need. Recording takes kilobytes, he said. But from the point of view of operational-search activities it is a useful thing. Allows you to understand who was where and at what time, carry out investigations and analytical work. Phone joined the network, and the operator will store information about this. You can see how the base stations are connected to the desired number. Such statistics is useful.

But the six-month storage of the messages themselves, according to the calculations of “MegaFon” will require only from this company 2018 order of 2.6 exabytes (i.e. almost 3 billion gigabytes), with 2019 and 6.6 exabytes. For performance of these requirements the operator will have to spend an amount several times higher than its annual revenue.

The logs and the messages themselves Internet users and operators will have to store in Russia. Requirements apply to information about the users coming into the network from our country that use to authorize online Russian documents or the domestic telephone number. All of this also applies to foreigners temporarily residing in the territory of our country. Internet companies must keep logs of those clients who are in Russia, according to “authorities” (for communications, the location of the client, tend to be more “transparent”).

The data warehouse will be connected to the clock means for operative and search activities.

HELP “IZVESTIA”: “the Spring” — the name given to two laws, which entered into force last summer. That the amendments to the laws “On communications” and “On information…”, “On combating terrorism”, criminal and Criminal procedure codes etc. the purpose of the changes — “additional measures to fight terrorism and ensure public safety.” The laws have received the name on behalf of one of sponsors, MP Irina Yarovaya (now — the Deputy of the state Duma, then — head of the security Committee). In addition to innovations in the sphere of high technologies, these laws impose additional requirements on the postmen, carriers, forwarders, religious and missionary activities etc.