Ordinary sexism: as the video blew up trump campaign

Ordinary sexism: as the video blew up trump campaign


The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump

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The U.S. presidential election

CNN has posted a new record vulgar of trump’s statements about women

The media learned about the discussion of legal way to replace trump in the election

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A video with frivolous speeches Donald trump has angered his party: lawyers are exploring ways of withdrawing his candidacy. Published speech Hillary Clinton before the bankers could reduce her electoral chances

The act of abdication

The election campaign in the US is approaching the finish line, and is heating up a struggle not only between candidates, but also within their parties. On Saturday, October 8, exactly one month before election day, the American edition of Politico reported that the Republican party leadership is seriously considering the possibility to withdraw the candidacy of Donald trump.

According to sources, on Friday evening held an emergency meeting of the Republican national Committee (RNC governing body of the party) on which the Committee Chairman Raines called Primus “reassess” the party’s electoral strategy. According to those present at the meeting, Priebus explained that the public campaign against his own party candidate will destroy his remaining chances to win, without offering nothing in return.

However, as a source told Politico in RNC, the party lawyers are now actively exploring ways in which the Republicans themselves can quite legally remove trump from the race. Such a “reassessment strategies” Primus allocated exactly two days — thus the decision can be made by Monday morning in Moscow.

Based on the Rules of the RNC most likely and legally competent way to “get rid” of trump is article 9 of the Rules, which defines the procedure for substitution of candidates for elective office. The Committee has the right to elect a new candidate by a simple majority of votes or re-gather for this party Congress. The reason job openings might be death, rejection or “something else” on the part of the candidate. So, say sources close to the RNC, Politico, the party needs the consent of the trump in its replacement. Another problem is that the ballots with his name already printed, and in some States began early voting.

It is also worth noting that the deadline for the decision of lawyers coincides with the second public debate between trump and his rival from Democratic party Hillary Clinton, which will be held later on Sunday evening (or early Monday morning Moscow time). The debate will be held in a non-traditional format of a straight line or what it’s called, “at town hall”. The moderators of the discussion will not ask questions, and to select 30 of the most important issues from non-party spectators, ordinary Americans.

Two of a kind

According to the magazine The Atlantic, a demarche against trump his own party is the result of several scandals of recent weeks. During the summer, the popularity of billionaire among the Americans grew, but since the end of September trump alternately weak performance at the first debate, confronted the ex-Miss universe because of her Hispanic origin and appearance, did not explain the rumors about the long-term tax evasion. The last straw was the publication this Friday edition of The Washington Post provocative videos.

In this video from 2005, trump talked with radio host Billy Bush on his love life, namely the molestation of a married woman. According to The Washington Post, the video is made few months after the marriage trump on the Yugoslav model of Melanie, Knows. She Melanya called the words of my husband “unacceptable and offensive” for her, but urged Americans to accept an apology billionaire.

Despite the apology in the air of the Central TV channels, the Republican policy to massively withdraw their support for trump, reports the newspaper The Hill. Many of them are senators, congressmen, including the speaker of the house of representatives, Paul Ryan, openly called to replace the candidacy of trump partner, a candidate for Vice-President Mike Pence. “For the first time since in 1983 I became a US citizen, I’m not going to vote for a Republican”, — declared ex-the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, in denying Trump support.

All the same, were conducted Saturday and published by Politico poll showedthat Americans are still not inclined to exclude trump from the presidential race. For ending his campaign in favor to 39% of the respondents. Among the electorate of the Republican party opposition to Trump even lower: 12% overall and 13% among women Republicans.

Parallel to the developing scandal around democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, which is also associated with leaks in the press. On Friday, WikiLeaks released thousands of emails from compromised email campaign Manager Clinton. Among them, notes the Associated Press, was an internal review of the enclosed candidate speeches before bankers and businessmen, which “could cause political damage in the event of their publication.”

Most of the speeches were pronounced in 2013, before the official start of the election campaign. In one of them she told the Brazilian banker, he supported the creation of a free trade zone throughout the Western hemisphere. Another said that he sees financial Corporation reliable ally of the government, while “an important issue in the political situation is the distrust of the society to those who lead successful and difficult life.” Finally, Clinton had already asked for the support of wall street for a successful national campaign.

Such statements, emphasizes AP, not only contrary to public speeches Clinton (which might scare off a substantial part of the electorate of the Democratic party, leftist), but confirm the accusations of her rivals trump and former contender for the post of President of the United States Bernie Sanders is about the close ties Clinton with the financiers and the big bourgeoisie. As argued by Clinton herself in one of the published speeches, she is “quite far” from the base of middle class values — which, notes the AP, she publicly praises in his election campaign.

The Hand Of Moscow

The head of the electoral headquarters of Clinton John Podesta is not confirmed nor denied the authenticity of the published letters, but in his comments on Twitter between the case notedthat it does not appeal to “hacking into his email Russian, which seek to ensure the victory of the trump.”

On Friday, when WikiLeaks published letters Podestà, Washington for the first time officially accused Russia of tampering with the mail of the Democratic party. In the joint statement of the Ministry of internal security and Director of national intelligence saidthat the United States believe that the Russian government was behind the hacking attacks that led to the publication of documents on sites DCLeaks, WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2.0, based on a characteristic of the “methods and motivations”.

“On the basis of the magnitude and sensitivity of these break-ins we are confident that the sanction they could only issue at the highest level of the Russian government”, — reads the statement. Accordingly, Washington sees this as interference in the electoral process.

In September 2015, after a series of cyberattacks on US government agencies, Washington announced that the hackers are the Chinese authorities ready to impose sanctions against China. In a few weeks, Chinese leader XI Jinping made a visit to the States, where they agreed to jointly combat cyber threats, and the imposition of sanctions was postponed.