OUKITEL K10000 MAX — a smartphone with a miracle battery

OUKITEL K10000 MAX — a smartphone with a miracle battery


September is not far off, and soon the company OUKITEL will start selling its new smartphone K10000 MAX. Perhaps its main advantage is the battery, which is not only significant capacity, but an impressive charge time.

If you pay attention to the numbers, briefly explain: the smartphone has battery 10 000 mAh and a charger for 9 V/2 A. This means, theoretically, charging must be carried out very quickly. But is it in practice?

Staff OUKITEL had a test that was captured on video. Under test MAX K10000 1 percent charge was connected to a regular charger for five minutes. During this period, I managed the battery indicator reached 5%, and if you think it’s not enough, you are mistaken.

With such a massive battery, and optimized use of resources 5% charge will be enough for the entire two hours of talking, and with the included mobile Internet. You can imagine how long you use enough a full charge, MAX K10000.

As mentioned above, pre-orders for OUKITEL K10000 MAX will be accepted in early September. If you want to be among the first buyers, we recommend you to bring this link to your bookmarks in your browser.