Overview headphones Dunu Falcon C — soar, falcons, eagles!

Overview headphones Dunu Falcon C — soar, falcons, eagles!


The company Dunu has long been turned into “less is better”. As one of the top OEMs that manufacture headphones many brands, for releases under his own name, they choose the only really interesting solution, and their new Falcon C is no exception.

Traditionally, the products of upper price segments is Dunu is megadriver hybrid models of different complexity, but sometimes Dunu produce models with a single emitter, this is what came out the heroes of today’s review. In these headphones uses a new emitter aperture made using carbon nanotubes, which allowed to obtain a light, but fairly rigid membrane that provides low distortion and decent detail. Traditionally for the company, it features a metal housing with replaceable cable, the cost of new items is approximately $ 220.


  • Emitter: dynamic, 9 mm
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Cable: interchangeable with MMCX connectors, silver-plated copper
  • Plug: 3.5 mm gold plated TRS
  • Weight: 28 g

Packing and delivery

Traditional box for Dunu, and for headphones in General. Because of the diversity here — the only unusual external foil cover silver color. Inside is another box with a photo of max Barsky on the inner side of the cover (maybe Max saved a beloved dog Director of the company?), expected in the box are the headphones and accessories.

  • convenient case for storage made of black aluminium
  • an adapter for 6.3 mm and double “aircraft” connector
  • two sets of accessories (3 pairs of different sizes) with different widths of the flare
  • set of SpinFit tips
  • a ring of Velcro for winding wire

In General, the accessories there is clearly not saved.

Design and comfortable wearing

Developers have finally discovered concepts such as ergonomics and comfort, and confidently moved on to conquer uncharted territory. The first sign signaled the approach of a new concept of steel DK-3001, they may not have been the epitome of comfort, but sat in most ears without any problems. Falcon C make another step in this direction. Their enclosure is relatively small in size, is made of metal, devoid of sharp corners and exposed edges. Falcon created for behind-the-ear wearing, and attempt to put them cable down is unlikely to succeed. The sound channel also performed at the correct angle that allows you to wear these headphones for a long time, and due to the small thickness of the “Falcon,” read not stick out from the ears.

The earphones are made from gaining popularity in IEM “liquid metal”. Under this marketing name hides a few different alloys, characterized by high strength, which positively affects the acoustic properties of the headphone enclosure. Previously, such materials were used Campfire Audio technology now available in a more affordable segment.

The design of the model is deprived of pretentiousness and any decorative elements, it is subject to a functional need. On the inside are fairly large holes, closed grid, but experiment with their blockage particularly noticeable gave no results, so I’m assuming that the acoustic design they are not (just in case once again clearly specified that I could be wrong). Headphones provide normal for this form factor insulation, even somewhat superior to the “average hospital” (traditionally more than enough for the street or public transport, but still not enough for subway or airplane).

Falcon C gravity is collected very qualitatively, and the entire wire with connectors is no exception. This model uses MMCX connectors with a carefully chosen force commit: enough to ensure reliability but without the need to use heavy tracked equipment to disconnect. The cable is twisted, it is made of silver plated copper of high cleaning, insulation is thick enough, so the lace looks and feels cooler stock from the previous models of the company. He’s a little confused, but thanks to a good thickness unraveling quickly. The cold is almost not harden and ear-hook no memory effect, formed near the connectors, is reduced to almost zero microphonic effect.

Of course, I will miss the traditional Dunu rubber “tongue” is to rewind the wire, but he seems to be receding into the past.

For fans of “snurkowski” Dunu produces alternative wire, but experiment with iBasso CB13 showed that it is unlikely that the change leads here makes sense.


To listen following equipment was used.

  • Yulong DA9 and Resonessence Labs Concero HP in the role of DAC and amplifier
  • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2016 as the source
  • Fidelia in the role of player
  • Lotoo PAW Gold, theBit OPUS#2 and Astell&Kern A&ultima SP1000 and the role of other portable players
  • Recording high-resolution Lossless-formats (Dr. Chesky have The Ultimate Headphone Demonstration Disc and others)

Before listening headphones were heated for 72 hours.

Just in case I repeat the obvious fact that is often overlooked. Headphones, and especially otnekivalsya dynamic models are highly dependent on the proper selection of nozzles, so if you become a proud owner of “Falcon” — do not take the time for thoughtful selection of appropriate nozzles, they have to sit perfect, but without excessive density (so, incidentally, to me this model is not very much SpinFit, but the ears are different, so be sure to try them).

The first thing that draws attention to itself in this model of headphones is the bass. Fortunately, in this case, attention is not driven by quantity, but quality. For me personally (yet remember that any review of the sound is subjective by definition?), Falcon C offer the best bass in the price range of commercials to $ 500 (maybe even higher). He just optimally balanced quantitatively, goes really deep, perfectly controlled and skillfully balances between ground and hlestkost, making a small bias in favor of the latter. Of course, this model is without problems able to study the textures and create the basis for the melody, the bass, when necessary, has come to the fore when it’s not necessary — is relegated to a background position.

Mid-range traditional modern models with a slightly V-shaped frequency response. It has good (for dynamic models) detail, but not trying to pass the armature speed and sharpness, which positively contributes to listening to poor quality of records, headphones not trying to pull all the flaws of the engineers. The upper half of the midrange is slightly emphasized, that, on the one hand, effectively highlights the vocal, especially female, and with another — excessive emphasis not all tracks benefit and in rare cases may sound like a certain lack of weight. The imaginary scene is large enough — greater than the average width and average depth, but quality separation of the plans allows the headset to play very volumetrically.

HF there is a little highlighted, so HF foby, this model can hardly be recommended for purchase without listening, but for my taste, “top” here is not to cross the line beyond which they become too much (not even approach it closely, although sometimes run closely). HF is good in detail (of course, adjusted for the price category), have well-defined attacks (sometimes even a little better than I would like), and long attenuation that allows the headset to play RF enough “rich” though, of course, to the upper middle and higher segments with their “layered top”, they still fall short.

Of course, the review would be incomplete without a few comparisons. I have chosen only those models that could be considered competitors of the number that I have on hand.

MEEAudio Pinnacle P1. In General it’s all quite simple, the difference between these models lies in their diversity. Where Pinnacle, justifying its name, seeks up playing those the most extended treble, Falcon Falcon falls down at those perfect low cut. In General, the choice between these models (and in General between P1 and all other headphones) is quite simple.

iBasso IT03. The hybrid model from iBasso offers a very technical and neutral sound for lovers of smooth (relatively, of course) feed. If we discard the difference in comfort (not all IT03 “tough” or “ears”), and to talk about the sound, the Falcon C is better on bass, and IT03 will appreciate more detailed midrange (valve C), HF subjectively a little better Faclon.

Dunu DN-2002. Again, comparing headphones will have to put aside the ergonomics, which from 2002 to the liking of not for everyone. The sound model is also very different, hybrids focus on midrange, slightly pressing the “top and bottom” of the frequency range, and Falcon C, on the contrary, these edges are slightly lifted.


Despite the high sensitivity and low impedance, these headphones use with phones and other “easy” sources of meaning a little, they will not be able to unlock the potential of the model. There is no need dinning a player with good control bass (offhand: Cayin N5ii, A&K Mk II AK70 or Lotoo Paw 5000 Mk II).

Stylistically Falcon C is very versatile, I liked them with various heavy music (although the wretchedness of the last HF makes itself felt), and electronic styles (here, however, the model with pumping bass might like more), and instrumental compositions, but, of course, this is not a complete list. The model is quite tolerant of poor-quality records as long as the treble was clean, so on a scale of “picky” they get to about 5-6 out of 10.

Traditionally, several tracks as example

Sade — By Your Side. The bass line of this track is good with almost any technique, but in the perfect performance of Falcon C, and even combined with the expressive flow of the vocal, it just dissolves in itself, giving the already beautiful track for more drama.

Billy Idol — Hot in the City. Another track, perfectly flattering these headphones. There is a great rhythm section, revealing the woofers, and electronic line with effects, allowing you to enjoy the construction of an imaginary scene, and vocals for demonstration of the MF.

John Mayer — Gravity. First, I had a desire “to pry an answer at the end of the book” and select a track perfectly suited to headphones (something from jazz with double bass, or, say, Imagine Dragons with their love for percussion would be ideal). But I decided that it would be very easy, and chose John Mayer with his melancholic Blues, in which Falcon to fully show their strengths.


Dunu have turned out to be rather powerful player the middle segment (the upper part), the use of advanced emitter allowed us to obtain very interesting sound, and I strongly hope that in the future we will see more hybrid model in which such driver will be responsible for the WOOFER.