Pacsafe — best backpacks bags with protection from thieves

Pacsafe — best backpacks bags with protection from thieves


The last few years backpacks have become increasingly popular among students and even among top managers of large companies, which have not hesitate to go to subway in big cities and appreciate the format of backpack capacity. Criminals rejoice, because there is nothing easier than to steal something from the pocket of a backpack located on the back (but many put valuables like wallets and tablet computers). But high activity of thieves is not a reason to abandon the convenient backpacks: we found backpacks with such protection from thieves that are the envy of her can the Fort Knox.

How it all began

Two regular guys from Australia love to travel, and during his travels had enough time to navidalisya as stolen baggage and personal belongings even on the street in broad daylight (not uncommon in third world countries). And here during a trip to South America, they find the solution most of the problems associated with the vulnerability of the backpacks, “chicken mesh”. Farmers use it to cages to enclose and protect thus the birds and the cattle from predators, as this material is almost impossible to chew, damaging with a knife and the more to break.

His discovery, the travelers decided to use when establishing a secure Pacsafe backpacks and started his own company in Hong Kong. And it has paid off: now the Pacsafe backpacks sold in 40 countries worldwide, while the company’s core market is the USA.

Not a single mesh

A feature of these backpacks is multi-layered protection that provides a variety of patented mechanisms. Here are some of them.

Protective carbine-mount

Very often steal backpacks, the notching of the strap or just removing them as mounts, as a rule, are not protected. Special system Turn & lock (carabiner-mount) allows you to exclude such cases as an additional degree of protection mounting straps. To unlock such a mechanism unnoticed just will not work.

The locking system Roobar

This is one of the main elements of protection. He blocks and connects the zippers, webbing, straps, locking bag. In fact it is something like the Central locking (Yes, as in car), only for zippers, straps and other elements of the backpack.

Steel mesh

No extra strengthening of the body of the backpack, of course, does not do all of them fancy castles will be no good if the bag can simply be cut with a knife and pull out the contents. With steel mesh eXomesh slashguards even the most sharp knife can not cope with the “skin” of your backpack, and if you add to this a steel cable fixing and sewn into the strap steel slings, you can even use a backpack instead of a box.

Protection from RFID vulnerabilities

Well and as without it nowadays? Special protective fabric securely protect credit and debit cards from RFID skimming, blocking all incoming requests.

So that you definitely have no doubt in protection of Pacsafe backpacks, here are a few more used technology.

  • Puncture resistant ToughZip (double zipper only opens the slider)
  • Interlocking zip pullers (interlocking sliders)
  • Smart zipper security (secret protective slings)
  • Lockabout security clip (lock sliders for zippers)
  • PopNLock security clip (duplex mounting straps)

For whom need it

There is a perception that thieves often prefer stealing something from his pockets, but in fact most of them specifically is watching the people large bags and backpacks. Most backpacks open so easily that a skilled thief will do the job for 10-15 seconds. Even before you know it, you are no valuables at the airport, railway station or public transport. And fans of the backpacks, as we said, very much.

And okay if a villain will be the iPad or external battery, so after all this turmoil, he may, for example, get a passport or other valuables. At such moments, buying secure backpacks pays for itself dozens of times (without a passport in another country you will not be allowed, even if the permit for a million rubles).

Better to be smart and keep thieves out in the cold before they even think about their dirty deeds.

What are the backpacks

In assortment there are several Pacsafe bags and backpacks for all occasions with its features protection.

Pacsafe Venturesafe X22

Very roomy backpack that holds a laptop with screen size up to 13 inches. All zippers have a special tab which you can hide the sliders and the double zipper is not only resistant to punctures but opens only with the help of a slider. External pocket made of a special fabric that blocks the reading of information from the media RFID chip.

The straps of the backpack sewn steel straps and special mesh lining made of wire of stainless steel will protect it from cuts. In General, this Pacsafe backpack fully use their patented technology.

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Pacsafe Vibe 150

Convenient bag over the shoulder, which can not be afraid to hold back — no one in it will not climb at all desire. Castle Lockabout Security Clip with the three-step protection will be a challenge for any thief while he was to open it, you will have time to catch the intruder and call the police. Plus there is full protection against RFID scanning over the entire area of the bag.

The volume of the bag is 4 litres, and that’s easily enough to place it in everyday things — from mobile phones and documents to hygiene.

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Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350

More compact and less roomy backpack, but no less protected. Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 has six degrees of protection against tampering and theft: lock sliders for zippers, protective carbine-fastening, sewn in webbing with steel slings, slings, secret protective, protective cloth from the RFID vulnerabilities. And, of course, the brand sewn into the fabric steel mesh — when trying to cut the cloth of the thief will be waiting for a very pleasant surprise.

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Pacsafe Vibe 30

The optimal model for students, office workers and travelers, due to the size and due to protective characteristics. This backpack can easily accommodate a laptop computer with a screen up to 15 inches, a couple of books, notes, documents and not only.

Main compartment protected by a zipper, snap hook which is fixed with a special lock Roobar Sport with three-stage protection. He makes sure to open your bag without your knowledge is simply impossible. Double zipper ToughZip puncture-resistant, and the outer pocket is made of fabric that blocks the reading of information from the media RFID chip.

Otherwise, the standard set for Pacsafe steel mesh cloth, steel straps in straps, safety buckle and interlocking sliders. The backpack also has an ergonomic backrest with inserts of foam material.

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Pacsafe Daysafe tech crossbody

A compact bag that will fit like a brutal man and a fragile girl. The concept is the principle “anything superfluous”: it is possible to place smartphone, charger, headphones, plastic cards (they have a 6 wide slot), cash and documents. That is bag, though compact, but will do everything so that your hands remain free.

About the safety is also taken care of, otherwise it would not have been the Pacsafe bag. The slider zipper is fixed and reliable snap hook, metal strap sewn slings, special tie locks the slider of the zipper. Well, the change — protective fabric from the RFID vulnerabilities.

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Pacsafe Ultimatesafe Z15

If you watched the movies about Indiana Jones, you might find familiar features in the design of this backpack. Think that is exactly what went Hiking generals, but in fact it is very ergonomic and modern backpack. In the sewn fabric steel mesh for protection from cuts, straps, metal straps, and comes with organizer laptop case (15 inch) or tablet. And to make sure you knew that behind the full safe, and there’s a combination lock.

Ultimatesafe Z15 looks massive, but actually it is a very comfortable backpack to your back better tolerate long load, provide special support.

Buy Pacsafe Ultimatesafe Z15

Pacsafe Venturesafe backpack X18

Modern backpack, made in a futuristic style, which is suitable for daily use (for example, when going to school or work), and for Cycling and Hiking. Plus are 5 levels of protection against opening by a special lock Roobar to the metal straps in the straps.

What is also important — the weight in the backpack is distributed so that 10 pounds behind you feel only 5.5 pounds. For Biking.

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Pacsafe Intasafe Backpack

Cool option for business people, because this backpack is not only reserved for high-class, but also very stylish. This is a great option for a person, who spends most of his life in traffic, in meetings and on business trips.

About the functionality is also not forgotten — inside can put laptop with a screen size up to 15 inches, tablet, documents and many other things, including a toothbrush, if you decide to go on a business trip. The weight is distributed correctly, that after all the cases you still have some energy left for the evening.

Protection from thieves is provided by steel mesh in the fabric, Central locking system for the zippers, straps and lanyard, carabiner-fastener, steel loops in the straps and not only.

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Not only Pacsafe

Another brand that specializiruetsya on a secure backpacks, is considered the XD Design. Their hallmark is that they will be a place not only for laptop, tablet, chargers, but for some other things. For example, inside there is a handy pocket PowerBank, and on the outside panel there is a USB port, which can connect the charging cable.

The brand also has a few models. For example, XD Design Bobby is not just a classy city bag, and a repository for gadgets with a high degree of protection. The outer part of the backpack consists of several layers of material which not only protect it from water and easy to clean, but also able to withstand such mechanical damage like cuts. If you need a smaller size, you can choose XD Design Bobby Compact.

For business people, the brand released model Bobby Bizz. Its distinctive feature is that it can be both a backpack and briefcase. For this purpose, it is hand made, and webbing you can get, or, conversely, hidden in special pockets.

The newest generation of anti-theft urban backpacks from XD Design is Bobby Urban. Its size is slightly larger and so are useful things to place in a backpack. Zipper backpack has a unique design rolltop, which is impossible to open without the owner’s knowledge. All that stuff has a code lock. And there is reliable protection from cuts fabric and mesh where you can put, for example, a water bottle or ball.

XD Design — more backpacks for the city travel, it does not hurt to use them Hiking or Biking.

These are just some backpacks c the function “anti-theft”, actually much more, there are even wallets that also protected from hacking and other dangers. To view all backpacks and bags at the link below.

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