Pakistan warns U.S. against unilateral military action on its territory

Pakistan warns U.S. against unilateral military action on its territory


Пакистан предостерег США против односторонних военных акций на его территории

Islamabad rejected the allegations by Washington’s inaction against the terrorists

Pakistan warned the United States against any unilateral military actions on its territory, calling unfounded accusations of “inaction” in relation to the grouping “Haqqani”, which organizes the bloody attacks in neighboring Afghanistan.

The representative of the Pakistan armed forces, major General Asif ghafoor on Thursday reiterated that Pakistani forces are conducting large-scale operations against terrorists, including grouping “Haqqani”, and called the US charges “omission” unreasonable and irrelevant.

He added that the effect of counter-terrorism efforts of Pakistan “will be visible in the coming years and months.”

“Unfortunately, in this context, we are receiving signals of a unilateral action by America,” said ghafoor, speaking at a press conference in the headquarters of army in Rawalpindi.

The US government has long accused Islamabad that it condones or even complicit in the Afghan Taliban and Haqqani who are from Pakistan are planning attacks on Afghan and international troops, including American.

The Pentagon recently reported to Congress that it plans to expand cooperation with Pakistan “in areas where our interests coincide and to take unilateral action in areas where positions differ”.

Earlier this month, the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo warned Islamabad that if it does not eliminate terrorist sanctuaries on its territory, the United States will do “everything possible” to destroy these shelters.

Ghafoor has criticised the threat by the United States, saying that Washington ignores the huge financial and human losses suffered by Pakistan in the fight against terrorism, supporting the coalition’s efforts in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan’s armed forces cooperate with their friends and want to continue to do it, but no compromise in respect of our sovereignty can not be. We don’t want conflict with friends, but aim to ensure security of Pakistan,” warned ghafoor.

According to him, Islamabad is contributing to peace in Afghanistan and will continue to do so.

“There is no compulsion won’t work. Only collaboration and cooperation based on trust will allow us to move forward towards sustainable peace in the region, said ghafoor. – If in Pakistan there are accomplices, then the question can be solved only by sending back to Afghanistan 2.7 million Afghan refugees.”

Ghafoor added that Pakistan strengthens security on the border with Afghanistan, building fences, checkpoints and fortifications to control traffic across the border. According to him, the construction of the border fence will be completed by December 2018.

“We’ve done enough and can’t do more for someone else… In fact it is time that Afghanistan and the United States have done more instead of asking Pakistan”.

The US authorities did not specify what kind of military action they can take. In 2011, American special forces unilaterally carried out an operation in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, which was destroyed by the head of “al-Qaeda” Osama bin Laden.

In addition, in the border regions of Pakistan to operate drones of the CIA, which strikes on alleged havens of the militants. Some believe that these operations can be expanded and extended to other areas in the hinterland.