Panasonic has introduced a desktop robot companion in the form of eggs

Panasonic has introduced a desktop robot companion in the form of eggs


The North American division of the company Panasonic has introduced a desktop robot companion that is able to move and communicate as people. Externally, the robot resembles a large white egg, reported CNews in the Panasonic.

The robot from Panasonic is quite compact — with a diameter of 29 cm and a height of 48.9 cm — no more than an ordinary kitchen mixer, the weight is 3.7 kg the castors it moves freely on the surface, the maximum robot velocity does not exceed 3.5 km/h Wheels are driven by DC motors with pulse width modulation.

Cover the “egg” may be reopened for the built in projector. In the “neck” of the robot has three servo motor with feedback. The technology of servo control developed by Panasonic, allows the robot to mimic human movement, attracting people’s attention. The robot voice reminds the child that makes the interaction even more realistic. Voice and built-in projector working in sync, modeling natural communication that creates a sense of attachment between robot and human, told in the company.

Robot companion runs on 64/32-bit 4-core processor ARM Cortex-A53 with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz running Unix. Equipped with Wi-Fi module and is able to access the technology of automatic natural language processing based on artificial intelligence. On approval of Panasonic, it makes its communication with the surrounding light. Connecting to the cloud, the robot can download any information and to communicate with machines and people in other places. Built-in projector WVGA + (854 resolution matrix?480 pixels brightness 50 lumens) allows you to use the robot for distance learning and other things. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth module 5, 8 MP CMOS camera and five infrared sensors. Li-ion battery capacity 6600 mAh provides up to 6 hours of battery life.

Desktop robot companion from Panasonic