Panasonic has introduced a unique exoskeleton

Panasonic has introduced a unique exoskeleton


Exoskeletons have long ceased to be the lot of science fiction movies and video games, and many companies are already developing a variety of models of such devices. But if most of the developments used in military training or for training athletes, the new brainchild of Panasonic, is designed to help ordinary people.

We are talking about the exoskeleton called ATOUN Y. Model Innovation model will help in the area of care for the elderly, the disabled, and workers in occupations associated with heavy lifting (e.g., loaders or construction workers). At the core of the exoskeleton from Panasonic are ultra-light polymers, rather than metal, as in most similar developments. The total weight of the exoskeleton is 4.5 pounds (which is 40% less than previous model), and this was achieved not only through materials, but also due to the smaller battery and lightweight design motor units.

The exoskeleton ATOUN Model Y is attached at the waist of the user and supports the lower back at the moment of lifting, and a plurality of location sensors track motion in space. Thanks to a special algorithm, the exoskeleton “guesses” of human action that enables the engines of a suit to duplicate the movement of the user, relieving the load on the muscles.

Official release of new items in retail stores is expected in spring 2018, and Panasonic is already taking pre-orders for the new exoskeleton.