PC “Elbrusy” ready for mass production. For the first time named the...

PC “Elbrusy” ready for mass production. For the first time named the price


PC “Elbrusy” went to series

One of the main developers of a line of Russian processors “Elbrus” company MCST has completed the cycle of mass production of personal computers “Elbrus-401 RS”. They are based on the microprocessor “Elbrus-4C” system-on-chip, implemented in 65 nm technology with four cores, the cache memory of 2nd level for a total volume of 8 MB with three memory controller, three channels of interprocessor communication and input-output.

New designed equipment for automated workplaces of operators, organization of user names and information terminals, applications in industrial automation and in systems with high requirements for information security.

Prototypes of this PC saw the light of day in may 2015, and the company claims that after that she took the time to establish cooperation with domestic enterprises, which are contract manufacturers, debug circuit solutions, optimizing cost parameters. The basic technological operations for the production of PC, including surface mount printed circuit boards, implemented in Russia.

Personal computers on “Elbrusy” ready for serial production