Pence urged not to allow the Democrats to change the balance of...

Pence urged not to allow the Democrats to change the balance of power in Congress


Пенс призвал не дать демократам изменить соотношение сил в Конгрессе

The Vice President spoke at the conservative political action

Vice-President Mike Pence called on conservatives not to let the Democrats take control of Congress after the elections of 2018, saying that it affects the fate of the legislative agenda of the President of the trump.

On Thursday, the Pens played in front of thousands of participants the annual conference of conservative political action, which this year was dominated by the supporters of trump, which helped him to win an unexpected victory in the elections of 2016.

In November’s midterm elections the Republicans have to overcome a number of challenges on the way to preserve a majority in both houses of Congress. The Democrats believe that they can count on a big victory.

On Friday at the conference, which takes place in the suburbs of Washington, must play a trump.

“The other side has strong motivation. She mobilized. So today I appeal to you, the participants of this conservative movement: let this be the day when we as a movement decide to bring another win to the American people in 2018,” said Pence.

According to Pence, the Democrats are determined to fight with the tramp and little prepared to do for the country: “Their platform can be summed up in one word: resistance. Resistance to our political initiatives. Resistance to our President and the progress for which so long fought hard and we and all our movement”.

“It is in our power to stop them,” added Pence.

Vice President, earlier this month led the U.S. delegation at the Olympics in South Korea also touched on another favorite theme of the supporters of the trump media.

In this case, he has accused journalists of excessive attention to the figure of the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, Kim yo-Jong, who visited the opening of the Games and won the solemn reception of the President of South Korea, moon Jae-In. Pence didn’t show her attention, which is actively talking to the media.

He called it “one of the pillars of the tyrannical and oppressive regime on the planet, wicked family clique that tortures, oppresses, starves and keeps under lock and key its 25 million people”.

“The United States does not stand shoulder to shoulder with brutal dictatorships. We throw them a challenge. And we will continue to adhere to its position, while North Korea will cease to threaten our country and our allies forever or until will not give up its nuclear and ballistic ambitions”.