Poll: 40% of the employees of the Congress believe that sexual harassment...

Poll: 40% of the employees of the Congress believe that sexual harassment is a problem on Capitol hill


Опрос: 40% сотрудниц Конгресса считают, что сексуальные домогательства являются проблемой на Капитолийском холме

According to a survey by CQ/Roll Call, every sixth employee faced with sexual harassment

1,500 former employees of the office of the U.S. Congress appealed to the leadership of the Federal legislature with an open letter urging leaders of the Senate and house of representatives to draw attention to the issue of sexual harassment and conduct mandatory training not only for members of Congress, but of legislators.

“We urge the House of representatives and the Senate to change the current policy and to conduct training for all members of Congress and its staff, as well as to create conditions for providing assistance in voluntary counseling individuals wishing to file a complaint to the Office of standards (Office of Compliance). Members of Congress and chiefs of secretariats need to be aware of the responsibility for preventing the transmission of allegations of sexual harassment and the Office of standards shall have the authority to investigate such complaints,” – said in a letter published the other day.

Several American media reported on the issue of sexual harassment on Capitol hill. The New York Times reported that fifty respondents of their lawyers, lobbyists and former congressional staff confirmed that sexual harassment is a problem on Capitol hill. According to The Washington Post, between 1997 and 2014, the US Treasury has paid $ 15.2 million under settlement agreements from victims of sexual harassment on Capitol hill.

CNN told about secret code for female employees of the U.S. Congress. For example, they are encouraged to be careful with lawmakers sleeping in their offices, not to be alone in an Elevator with a Congressman or a Senator, to avoid night meetings and events where alcohol is consumed. The most important instruction – “Think twice before speaking about sexual harassment from the boss – it can cost you a career”, – informs television channel.

According to media reports, there is an unspoken list of employees and members of Congress who behave inappropriately. We are talking about different versions of improper conduct – from jokes of a sexual nature and to direct sexual harassment to female employees and interns of the Congress.