Poll: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is the most respected man and...

Poll: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is the most respected man and woman in the United States


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Former President and former Secretary of state continues to cause the greatest admiration for the Americans

Ex-US President Barack Obama and former candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton still occupied the first place in the list men and women of most admired Americans, showed a new poll by Gallup.

The survey showed, Obama and Clinton retain the status of the most respected men and women for 10 years, but with a smaller margin than in previous years.

Obama was chosen by 17 percent of respondents, second place with 14 percent took the current President is Donald trump.

Clinton, in the past also held the post of Secretary of state, ahead of former first lady Michelle Obama with a score of 9 to 7 percent.

Clinton ranks first in the list of women that cause the greatest admiration, for 16 years in a row. She received the title 22 times, more than anyone else. Former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt won 13 times.

Obama has achieved a status as the most respected men 10 times, second only to former President Dwight Eisenhower, who was ranked first 12 times.

However, this year’s performance, Clinton and Obama are not as high as before: for Clinton 9 percent – the lowest rating since 2002, when she took first place with 7 percent. Obama’s ratings compared with last year declined from 22 to 17 percent, but in previous years had comparable figures.

In five of the most respected men also included Pope Francis (3%), pastor Billy Graham (2 percent), and Senator John McCain (2 percent).

In the women’s ranking the third place went to Oprah Winfrey with 4 percent, fourth – Senator Elizabeth Warren three percent, and the fifth Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel with two percent.