Pompeo discusses with the authorities of the PRC trade issues and the...

Pompeo discusses with the authorities of the PRC trade issues and the North Korean question


Помпео обсуждает с властями КНР вопросы торговли и северокорейский вопрос

The white house promised to June 15 to submit a list of new duties on Chinese goods

Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged the US to adopt a “wise decision” on trade, while approaching the deadline for the announcement of the planned administration of the President of trump list duties on Chinese goods worth $ 50 billion.

Speaking at a press conference together with U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, head of the Chinese diplomat said that the US and China are at a crucial stage when it and opportunities and challenges.

One of the main problems is trade. Wang urged the United States not to take any unilateral measures can create obstacles to future negotiations.

According to him, in this question there are two options: “First option – cooperation and mutual benefit. Second – confrontation and mutual losses. China chooses the first option. We hope the U.S. side will make the same wise choice. Of course, we also prepared a response in case of choosing the second option”.

It is unclear whether the present administration trump the list of new duties as scheduled. Last month, in announcing the decision to take measures against “unfair trade practices of China,” the White house promised to do it by June 15.

Even if the list is declared, the President may postpone the imposition of duties for another 30 days and even more if negotiations go well. If the duties are imposed, China has promised to give a hard answer.

The parties have made some progress on the massive trade deficit: earlier this month, China proposed to buy from U.S. farmers, industrial and energy products in the amount of 70 billion dollars, and also promised to reduce import duties on cars and consumer goods.

“I stressed how important it is for President trump to remedy this situation that trade has become more balanced, more mutual and more honest, to be able to more fair treatment of the American farmers,” said Pompeo.

He added that during his first visit to China have had fruitful and constructive discussions, but also noted that in matters where the positions of the two countries differ, they will continue to defend its values and interests, including in such areas as human rights and the rule of law.

The visit of Secretary of state in Beijing took place just a few days after the historic meeting of the President of trump with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN in Singapore and was largely devoted to the discussion of this meeting and further action.

“We really appreciate all that China has done to help us to create the conditions under which it became possible to this summit, and thank you for that. China and the United States have to do more work to achieve the ultimate goal,” he said.

One of the key problems in connection with North Korea is the denuclearization of the Peninsula and the question of when it will be possible to mitigate the sanctions.

“We clearly given to understand that the easing of sanctions and economic concessions to North Korea will be possible only after complete denuclearization,” said Pompeo.