Pompeo said that “soft policy” toward Russia “done”

Pompeo said that “soft policy” toward Russia “done”


Помпео заявит, что с «мягкой политикой» в отношении России «покончено»

The Director of the CIA, which trump has nominated as Secretary of state, believes that Russia is rightly called a threat to the United States

The Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo will make it clear on Thursday that Washington’s policy towards Moscow is tightened.

According to excerpts from his testimony, which circulated the White house, he will declare this at the congressional hearings for his confirmation as Secretary of state.

“Russia continues to act aggressively, and this helped her years of soft policy against this aggression. Now it’s over,” reads the excerpts from the written testimony Pompeo, published on the eve of the hearing.

In these excerpts Pompeo does not mention the intervention of Russia in the elections in the United States in 2016, but this question will likely be raised by the legislators, some of whom accuse trump of failing to take strict action against Russia in connection with the intervention in the American electoral system.

Trump has put forward Pompeo, a former Republican Congressman, to head of American diplomacy, March 13, simultaneously with the dismissal of Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon Mobil.

Trump has established warm relations with Pompeo at meetings in the White house in the first year of his work as head of state and the President believes that Pompeo holds the same views of the world, unlike Tillerson, who sometimes did not agree with trump.

In his testimony Pompeo will list the measures taken by his administration against Russia, including sanctions and the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats in March in connection with the poisoning of former Russian spy in Britain, the blame for which lay in Moscow.

“The actions of the current administration make it clear that Russia is rightly called a threat to our country in the national security strategy of the President of trump” – said in a statement.

At the same time Pompeo leaves the door open for dialogue with Moscow to resolve differences.

“Our diplomatic efforts with Russia will be difficult, but, as on previous occasions confrontation with Moscow, it should continue,” he says.

The members of the Senate Committee on foreign relations say they will ask Pompeo on the administration’s strategy in Syria, relations with Russia, the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and the work associated with growing international influence of China.

Pompeo will argue that the stakes in dealing with the nuclear program of North Korea is high, but expressed confidence in the ability of trump to reach agreement with Pyongyang.

“President trump is not the man that will play games at the negotiating table, as I do,” he would say.

On the topic of Iran, Pompeo will condemn the actions of Tehran in the middle East and promised to work with us allies to revise the agreement in 2015 between Iran and six world powers – Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States.

Pompeo said that, in case of timely approval, he will discuss the agreement with Iran with allies at the Ministerial meeting of the countries “Big seven” and the NATO summit later in April.

Pompeo will Express their disagreement with those who consider him “the hawk” and said that war should always be a last resort.

“I would prefer the achievement of foreign policy goals of the President by hard diplomatic work, not by sending young men and women to war,” says he.