Pompeo: the sanctions against the DPRK will be lifted only after the...

Pompeo: the sanctions against the DPRK will be lifted only after the denuclearization


Помпео: санкции с КНДР будут сняты только после денуклеаризации

According to Secretary of state, the position of the President of trump on the issue of consistency was “incredibly clear”

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the sanctions against North Korea will not be lifted until the completion of the denuclearization process.

Thus Pompeo responded to the information spread by the official media of the DPRK, stating that the President of the United States Donald trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN came to an agreement on a “phased” process.

This was interpreted as the consent of the United States to make concessions in response to concessions by North Korea on this path, despite the fact that Washington has long insisted that it will not.

According to Pompeo, the position of trump on the issue of consistency was “incredibly clear”.

Speaking in the presence of the foreign Ministers of Japan and South Korea in Seoul, Pompeo said, “We intend to achieve denuclearization”.

“Only then the sanctions will be lifted”, he added.

The head of American diplomacy said that the statement of President Donald trump that of the North Korean nuclear threat no longer exists, it was made “with eyes wide open”.

According to Pompeo, trump was referring to the fact that for the first time in history the US President held talks with the North Korean leader. He said that between trump and Kim Jong-UN held a “straight talk” about the changes that need to take place to North Korea reunited with the world community.

Pompeo also said that trump is “unequivocal” said Kim Jong Ynu that North Korea needs to return the people abducted from Japan in the 1970-1980-ies.

Pompeo insisted that Pyongyang pledged to abandon its nuclear Arsenal, but noted that it would be “difficult process”.

A day earlier, the Secretary of state said that he would like to achieve substantial nuclear disarmament of North Korea before the end of the current term of office of the President of the trump.

“We hope that we can achieve this within two to two and a half years,” he said.

The Secretary of state answered questions of journalists about the possibility of the termination of the us-South Korean military exercises on the Peninsula.

Condition for ending the joint military exercises the US and South Korea are “ongoing negotiations that are productive and goodwill,” said Pompeo.

If Pyongyang tries to sabotage the negotiations, the administration trump reserves the right to resume teaching, said the head of the state Department.

Referring to subsequent steps of the White house in negotiations with North Korea, the state Secretary noted that she is not sure when to start the next stage of the negotiation process.

“I guess it will happen pretty soon after our return home, and next week we will start preparing for it,” Mike Pompeo.

The Secretary also noted that signed by Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN, the agreement does not include many aspects of bilateral relations, which was negotiated. They all require revision and be included in the agenda of future U.S.-North Korea contacts, said the head of foreign policy Department of the USA.

Pompeo stressed that the U.S. mission in this case is to hold a “productive negotiations with a view to achieving the denuclearization of North Korea.”

He also noted that we are talking about the complete denuclearization of the DPRK, which suggests its verifiability and irreversibility.