Poor school performance increases the risk of death in the future

Poor school performance increases the risk of death in the future


“You do not learn – you will not find a normal job.” I’m sure many have heard this phrase from their parents. But what if the poor performance may affect our health? It would seem that any connection between health and bad grades is not, however scientists from Karolinska University proved that people who didn’t do well in school, have a much higher risk of suicide when older.

The study is published in the journal Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. The study analyzed data on more than 26 000 people aged 16 to 46 years. Scientists had deduced a pattern between their school assessments and suicide attempts in adult life. As one of the authors of the research Dr. Alma Solberg Wallin,

“We have found that the lower the level of school performance, the higher the risk of attempted suicide. And this dependence has nothing to do with the sex of the people. Factors such as social status, mental illness of parents, had no significant effect, but the correlation between poor academic performance and ride suicide was clearly evident”.

At the moment it is unclear what is the reason, but according to one hypothesis, poor performance leads to limited opportunities in adult life, and it is likely that the poor evaluations point to some other personal problems. In any case, scientists will continue to study this study aimed to identify the factors linking academic performance and suicide attempts.