President trump expressed his condolences to the victims in the accident of...

President trump expressed his condolences to the victims in the accident of the canadian hockey players


Президент Трамп выразил соболезнования погибшим в автокатастрофе канадским хоккеистам

The victims of the incident with the players youth hockey teams were 14 people

President Donald trump on Saturday expressed his condolences to the players one of the youth hockey teams in Canada. Earlier in the collision of a truck with a bus, which was traveling players, 14 people were killed.

“I just spoke with Justin Trudeau, to give to give the utmost respect and to Express condolences to the families of the players of the team “Humboldt”, the victims of this tragedy, – said the President of the United States in his Twitter. – God be with them God.”

The team “the Broncos Humboldt” of the youth League of the province of Saskatchewan was the centre of Nipawin on one of the games of the series play-offs, when their bus collided with a truck trunk in 30 kilometers from the city of Tinsdal.

Representatives of the Royal canadian mounted police reported that the accident various injuries received 14 people. Three of them are in critical condition.

Only the bus was carrying 28 people, including coaches and team doctors.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in his Twitter said that he could not even imagine that now they feel the relatives of the victims.

The team “Broncos” 24 players. Youngest 16 and the oldest is 20 years.