President trump said about his “genius”

President trump said about his “genius”


Президент Трамп заявил о своей «гениальности»

The US President decided to reply to the author of the controversial book

President Donald trump in a series of tweets on Saturday said that one of his “main advantages” is “mental stability”, and achieved success in business and politics demonstrate that he is a “genius.”

“Now, after a year of careful study, we have shown that (the charges) are in cahoots with Russia are an attempt to mislead the American public, the Democrats and their lapdog of the False Press got the old script the days of Ronald Reagan and screaming about the mental stability and things…” – wrote Donald trump.

“…Actually, in the lifetime of my main advantages was the mental stability and the fact that I was very smart. Deceitful Hillary Clinton also tried very carefully to play with these cards, and as everyone knows, was defeated. I went from being a VERY successful businessman to television stars of the first magnitude…” – continued the head of the White house.

“…and the President of the United States (first attempt). I believe that it is possible to evaluate not just the mind, but as a genius…and a very stable genius!”, – summed up Donald trump.

Unexpected statements by the President were a response to the debate erupted again in the US after the release this week of a book by Michael Wolff “Fire and fury: the White house trump” has become a bestseller.

Президент Трамп заявил о своей «гениальности»

In the book, based, according to the author, on more than 200 interviews with former and current employees of the administration, affirms, including that Donald trump occasionally shows lapses in memory, and not able to focus on any serious problems. Michael Wolff also declares that all, without exception, the staff of the White house believe that the President is behaving “like a child”.

The health of Donald trump was one of the main themes of political debate in the last year. Last fall, Democrats in Congress have prepared a bill requiring the White house to conduct a psychological evaluation of trump, and a group of psychologists and psychiatrists published a petition calling for the removal of a U.S. President from office on the basis of the 25th amendment to the Constitution of the country.

This week’s teacher of the medical faculty at Yale University, psychiatrist bandy Lee confirmed the U.S. media that in early December at the invitation of members of Congress, she held a briefing for legislators, entirely dedicated to the mental health of the President of the United States. According to her, in the near future she plans to hold several more such meetings.

President Donald trump spends his weekends at the residence of camp David in Maryland. In the chart of the White house – meetings with the representatives of the Republican party in Congress, and a discussion of plans for this new year.