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Profile for visa


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Provision of information about personal accounts in social networks may become a mandatory requirement for obtaining a visa in the USA

The U.S. Department of state may require from foreigners applying for a us visa, information about their accounts in social networks.

According to a statement by the US state Department is supposed to collect information about the social media accounts of almost all foreign nationals wishing to obtain us visas – immigration and not immigration.

This measure is designed to implement the decision of the President of trump about the “enhanced inspection” of aliens entering the United States to prevent terrorist acts.

Informed employees of consular departments of embassies of the USA was ordered to gather data on social network profiles only in cases where “such information is necessary to confirm identity or undertake more stringent checks in the interests of national security.”

The proposal to start such checks are published in the “Federal register”, the American public has 60 days to comment on the proposed changes in the procedure of visa processing. They will then be submitted for approval to the Office of management and budget.

The human rights organization “American civil liberties Union” (ACLU) expressed concern that the move poses a threat to the principle of freedom of speech.