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Pulse of Goa


Political analyst Alexei Martynov on the outcomes of the eighth summit of the BRICS

The acronym BRICs has emerged among Western economic experts in the early 2000-ies in the peculiar Anglo-Saxon manner as the designation of a group of countries with a dynamically developing economy and a priority interest for the investors, which will largely be provided by the future growth of the world economy. The global (read American) experts have suggested that the BRICs (then still without South Africa) will be the “bricks” from which the U.S. will build for yourself a “new happiness”, and provide collective economic hegemony of the West under his strict leadership in the twenty-first century.

In General, they were right, if not one “but”: our countries are able to form independent and mutually beneficial economic, political and even military Alliance.

Then one of the main theses of Western experts was that Russia, China, India and Brazil are in principle unable to claim independence in strategic decision-making. Dominance in one area or another without the consent of the United States was unthinkable.

However, in 2006 in St. Petersburg the leaders of these States established a new international organization — the BRICs. Five years later, the Quartet was joined by fifth member — South Africa. Today, the BRICS countries — almost half the world’s population; a third of the world reserves of raw materials and energy; a quarter of all modern technologies.

An important step in the development of the organization was the establishment of the BRICS Bank is a viable alternative to the world Bank and the International monetary Fund. In practice, this means the refusal of payments in U.S. dollars. This, in turn, if puts on the brink of collapse the Federal reserve system, deprives the States of the status of a global power in economic terms.

The design of the BRICS as an alternative financial system thus becomes one of the most terrible dreams of the leaders of the United States.

Five countries demonstrate the resilience of national economies to the global economic crisis. Immunity to external influences — the result of the development of cooperation within the organization. The formation of the common market of the BRICS has the potential to pull a large part of all available investment resources. Extensive raw material base, modern technologies, human and scientific potential makes the BRICS attractive for investors, very tired from the US and its manner of conducting foreign policy.

And the design of the BRICS as an economic Union with the active component military-technical cooperation will become the guarantee of a safe and dynamic development.

In fact, the BRICS have already begun to make steady progress not only in economic but also in political and even military Alliance. For US, manic want to be the only chief Executive and hegemony in the world, the formation of such a Union, acquire the features of the present nightmare. This is due to the anti-Russian “hysteria”, sanctions, attempts to artificially “chop” an old controversy between China and India, the provocation of the political crisis in Brazil in 2016, the organization of the coup d’état in South Africa, etc.

Trying at any cost to prevent the registration of the economic Union of the BRICS in the political-military, United States however work with old methods. This is their mistake: times have changed.

Russia, India and China feel the time. So five will be the leading unit in a very short time. If at the beginning of the 2000s experts said that ultimately, this Union may be formed by 2050-th year, we can already say that it will happen in the years 2025-2030 As a catalyst in this process will be impulsive behavior USA.

The creation of a free trade zone along the Russian-Chinese border are not only able to stabilize the whole region of Central and Middle Asia, but also to ensure the significant growth of the GDP of all countries in the region, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Removing economic borders between Russia and China will become the tipping point for economic leap forward not only our countries, but the BRICS and the Eurasian economic Union and other integration projects on the Eurasian space.

In the final Declaration of the eighth summit of the BRICS in Goa, India the main goal defined by the early construction of community institutions. The leaders of the five countries agreed as fast as possible to create a rating Agency BRICS, centre for agricultural research, a network of Railways of the community, the customs cooperation Committee. Signed a Memorandum of understanding between diplomatic academies of our countries.

The leaders of the five have the understanding the idea of coordinated use of modern communications, including Internet technologies, in the development of the economy and security of the BRICS countries. The plans for the creation of a Single energy Agency BRICS and the prospects for cooperation in the peaceful space. The common efforts of five countries can make a significant contribution to the solution of such problems as global climate change, natural disasters, environmental problems, spread of infections, such as Ebola, and zika virus.

The synergy of the peoples of the BRICS countries — the positive and creative impulse of the philosophy of the Association. He gives humanity a new hope and a new vision of the future. The realization of these hopes for us.

The author is Director of the International Institute of the newest States

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