Putin has allowed the FSO to withdraw land plots

Putin has allowed the FSO to withdraw land plots


Vladimir Putin

Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS

Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which the Federal security service (FSS) has the right of withdrawal of land for state needs. The Agency was asked to give himself new powers in August last year

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has given the Federal security service (FSS) the right to make decisions about withdrawal of land plots for state needs. The corresponding decree published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Decree a change in the position of the Federal security service of Russia, approved by the decree of the President of Russia of August 7, 2004 No. 1013. “Make… a change, adding paragraph 12 sub-paragraph 67 the following lines: decides on the withdrawal of land plots for state needs of the Russian Federation for construction and reconstruction of objects of Federal significance, which are necessary to exercise the powers of the FSO of Russia”, — stated in the decree.

Previously, the list of powers FSO consisted of 80 items, including no right to seize land — service could only exercise the right of perpetual use of them. The withdrawal of plots for the needs of the FSO was the General order, through the decree of the Russian government.