Putin supported the proposal to develop a law on the Russian nation

Putin supported the proposal to develop a law on the Russian nation


The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin

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The President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the idea of creating a separate Federal law on the Russian nation

During a meeting of the Council for interethnic relations, which President Vladimir Putin spent Monday in Astrakhan, head of the Department of the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration Vyacheslav Mikhailov suggested that “to go from strategy to Federal law,” which should encompass all the innovations related to interethnic relations and to be called “About the Russian nation and the management of ethnic relations.” Putin supported the idea, reports TASS.

“A good proposal”, — quotes Agency the words of the President.

“But what exactly can and should be implemented — is just above that we need to think in practical terms, start to work — this is the law of the Russian nation” — quoted Putin “Interfax”.

According to the President, such a law can grow a strategy for the development of national relations in Russia. “Our strategy, which we have developed, and to transform — but it needs work too,” he said.

Putin also supported the proposal of the participants to spend a year of unity of the Russian nation. “But you need to choose this year,” said the President, explaining that the year of unity of the Russian nation have to choose so that it does not overlap with the already announced a national themed annual events.

“This could be a great, significant, unifying event that would affect virtually every ethnic group, every people who lives in Russia”, — said Putin.

In March 2015, on behalf of Putin in Russia was established by the Federal Agency for the Affairs of nationalities. Its tasks include the implementation of the state policy in the sphere of interethnic and interfaith relations, “strengthening the unity of multinational people of the Russian Federation” protection of the rights of national minorities and small indigenous peoples of the country, prevention of all forms of discrimination on grounds of racial, national, religious or linguistic identity and prevent attempts to incite racial, national and religious discord, hatred and enmity.

In 2012, Putin approved the Strategy of state national policy to 2025, which States, in particular, about the “spiritual unity of the multinational people of the Russian Federation (the Russian nation), the need for “preservation and development of ethnic and cultural diversity of the peoples of Russia” and “successful social and cultural adaptation and integration of migrants”.