Putin told Deripaska to defend themselves against attacks in Congress

Putin told Deripaska to defend themselves against attacks in Congress


Oleg Deripaska and Vladimir Putin

Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS

President Putin is not against the performance of a billionaire Deripaska in the U.S. Congress. In this case, the businessman will have the opportunity to defend their reputation and find out exactly what claims he’s facing, the President said

President Vladimir Putin is not against the performance of the Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska in the U.S. Congress. He stated this today, speaking at the Arctic forum in Arkhangelsk.

“If you go any representative of our business in Congress will act, but for God’s sake, it’s his right. Let acts anywhere. We have nothing against that”, — Putin said, responding to a question of the leader of the forum, the correspondent of RBC.

Putin recalled that Mr Deripaska was denied re-entry to the U.S., however on what grounds is not said. “Speak,” said the President.

“Let him come to the States, let them speak to Congress. If indeed law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies will submit any claim to it is real, based on something, well then at least it will be clear what this is about,” said Putin.

“Anything can happen, a business complex such a substance. Probably any violations possible. But we don’t know them. If they are, let them produce it. In this sense, I think it would be a good signal and good practice”, — said the head of state.

Putin also noted that Moscow, in turn, are also ready to accept representatives of the Congress and Senate. “And, of course, we are always happy to see our friends out of business. We have a lot of friends in the United States out of business who work and want to continue to work in Russia. Welcome, we will help them.” — promised the President of Russia.

Earlier, the Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska (the state — $5 billion; 315-th place in the list of Forbes) has accused that he spent several years working with former US presidential Advisor Paul Manafort to advance in the United States the interests of Vladimir Putin. About this was reported by The Washington Post and several Western publications. The Associated Press claimedthat the agreement between Manafort and Deripaska operated from 2006 to 2009.

All charges Deripaska denied. His statement appeared in the newspaper the WSJ.

“I never entered into any agreements or contracts with the commitment or goal is secretly to advance or promote the interests “of Putin’s government” anywhere in the world,” the report said Deripaska. He also added that he is ready to take part in the hearings of the U.S. Congress to discuss the purpose of his contacts with Monforton and defend his reputation and his good name.