Rates of excise duty on alcohol has increased in Russia from January...

Rates of excise duty on alcohol has increased in Russia from January 1,


Entered into force a number of amendments to the Tax code of the Russian Federation

Photo: TASS/Alexander Ryumin

From 1 January in Russia increased excise rates on alcohol, came into force the relevant provisions of the Tax code.

Thus, in particular, the excise tax on sparkling wine made from imported raw materials, will be from January 1 to 36 rubles per liter (up to 10 rubles), for one ruble increased the excise duty on champagne is produced from Russian grapes, excise tax of 14 cents per liter.

Rate of excise duty on imported wines increased twice: from 9 to 18 rubles per liter. The size of the excise on wines from the Russian raw materials has not changed and remained at level of last year – 5 rubles per liter.

The excise tax on strong alcohol (more than 9% of alcohol) increased from 500 rubles per liter last year to 523 rubles per liter in the next year.

From 1 January changed and the principle of distribution of revenues from excise duties between regions and the Federal budget: the share of revenues to budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, increased from 50% to 60% share of the excise taxes on alcohol.

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