Record speech Nancy Pelosi in support of the “dreamers”

Record speech Nancy Pelosi in support of the “dreamers”


Рекордная речь Нэнси Пелоси в защиту "мечтателей"

The minority leader talked about the fate of illegal immigrants for more than eight hours in a row

WASHINGTON – the democratic Leader in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday has set a historical record, saying the long time – at least over the last century – a speech in the lower house of Congress.

The speech, which lasted more than eight(!) hours were devoted to the fate of the so-called “dreamers” (the dreamers): U.S. residents who as children were brought into the country parents are illegal immigrants. It marked the beginning of three days of meetings, democratic factions behind closed doors. They are dedicated to the development of political platform in 2018, which would help Democrats win the November elections for Congress and to give them back the majority in both houses.

According to Pelosi, it is not true to enable decisions on the future of the DACA law, which protects illegal immigrants from deportation, the current draft of the Federal budget. Earlier Wednesday, she called on the speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, to give the word, which in the case of the adoption of the budget, it will arrange a separate, open debate on the protection of illegal immigrants.

“This project does nothing to advance the adoption of a bipartisan Chamber of the law on the protection of “dreamers,” Pelosi said, – No desire of the speaker of the Ryan Express a willingness to participate in the process as well, as did the leader (the Republicans in the Senate) McConnell, I do not support this bill”.

While Nancy Pelosi made his speech (as the leader of the minority party, 77-year-old politician-Democrat is not bound by regulations), dozens of “dreamers” and their supporters staged a sit-in pickets in the corridors and offices of the Capitol, at the risk of being arrested for violating the order in the Federal building.

Speaker Paul Ryan said that his colleagues in the House of representatives will begin debate on the immigration law, only if this bill will support President Donald trump.

In parallel, several lawmakers, Democrats from the moderate wing called on Pelosi to support inter-party agreement on budget regardless of the fate of immigration reform.