Released long-running smart watch – the real “killer” Apple Watch

Released long-running smart watch – the real “killer” Apple Watch


Fitbit Ionic

The company Fitbit has unveiled smart watch Fitbit Ionic, which the Verge calls the first “real” smart watch from this manufacturer. The previous watch of the company — Fitbit Blaze, will go on sale in March 2016 at a price of $200 — still was designed primarily for the sport. Thus, Ionic Fitbit allowed the largest manufacturer of bracelets for fitness to enter a new market segment where the leader at the moment is Apple.

Sale Fitbit Ionic will begin in October at a price of $300. This is the most expensive device ever produced by Fitbit. The novelty costs $30 more than the cheapest smart watch Apple — Apple Watch Series 1, but cheaper than the Apple Watch Series 2. Simultaneously with the Ionic Fitbit, the manufacturer has released wireless headphones Flyer that media are already considered as a competitor AirPods. Flyer price is $130, which is $30 cheaper AirPods.

From the beginning of 2018, a special edition of the Fitbit Ionic is to be sold, the German manufacturer of sports goods Adidas, which should strengthen positions Fitbit in Europe and Asia. The partnership with Adidas was signed in order to win over Apple, which restricts Fitbit in the Wearables market, writes the Financial Times. In 2016 the company entered into a similar partnership with Nike.

Technical features

As in Blaze Fitbit, Fitbit Ionic has a touchscreen, with support for notifications from a smartphone and able to listen to music. However, this time the developers added built-in GPS, water resistance and monitoring of movements during swimming. A special sensor monitors the level of blood oxygen saturation. GPS allows the watch yourself to understand when the user starts to run or ride a bike, and when stopping.

Smart watch Fitbit Ionic enclosed in aluminum housing