Replacement of refrigerators in the presidential plane will cost 24 million

Replacement of refrigerators in the presidential plane will cost 24 million


Замена холодильников в президентском самолете обойдется в 24 миллиона

United States air force promises to replace outdated equipment in time

The replacement of two outdated refrigerators in the presidential aircraft Air Force One will cost about $ 24 million.

According to the technical requirements on Board a presidential jet should be at least 3,000 portions of food, and now two of the three refrigerators, installed in 1990, required replacement. In the command of the U.S. air force, responsible for maintenance of the aircraft, confirmed that the contract for the replacement of equipment in the amount of 23.7 million dollars was signed with the Boeing company.

During the election campaign, the President trump has repeatedly stated that the contents of the aircraft Air Force One costs taxpayers unnecessarily expensive, calling in his “Twitter” to cancel the order for the Assembly of a new liner.

The official representative of the U.S. air force Ann Stefanek said that the expensive equipment required replacement due to normal wear and tear of equipment, and all work on Board the presidential plane will be completed by October 2019.

“Despite the fact that the equipment undergoes regular maintenance required, the cases of failure, especially in the hot and humid atmosphere,” she said.

According to the BBC, the high cost of replacement utrisha equipment associated with the requirements of the Federal aviation administration.