Republican Congressman Charlie dent will retire next month

Republican Congressman Charlie dent will retire next month


Конгрессмен-республиканец Чарли Дент уйдет в отставку в будущем месяце

Dent leads a group of moderate Republicans and often criticizes the President trump

U.S. Congressman Charlie dent, who heads the group of moderate-minded Republicans and often he criticized President trump, said Tuesday that next month I will retire.

“After consulting with family and careful deliberation, I have decided to leave Congress in the coming weeks – said dent. In the future I intend to actively fight for good governance and pragmatic solutions.”

Previously, dent said that he would retire in September for personal reasons, while expressing dissatisfaction over the fact that the Republican party, which controls both houses of Congress and the White house, in recent times, shows the roll to the right. Originally dent expressed his intention to retire from Congress when supporters of trump has stated that they will continue to campaign to find a replacement.

Dent is headed by a “Group of Tuesday” (Tuesday Group) – an informal Alliance, which includes several dozen moderate Republicans. In 2017 he joined the debate with trump over the abolition and replacement of the affordable care Act, also known as Obamacare. As a result, this law has not been repealed.

On Friday, dent introduced a bill designed to protect the investigation, led by spectaculorum Robert Muller, from the intervention of the administration.

The resignation of the dent can result in costly organization of early elections, if the Governor of Pennsylvania, which he represents, will issue the corresponding order. Republicans will spend millions of dollars to retain this seat in Congress. It is unclear whether the Governor-Democrat Tom wolf to appoint extraordinary elections. Recall that midterm elections in Congress will be held November 6.

At the March special election in the 18th district of Pennsylvania won the Democrat Conor lamb. In 2016, trump won this district by a margin of 20 points.

In the 15th district, which is dent, trump won by a margin of 8 percent, and competition there will be higher.