Republican Congressman offers an alternative to the “wall of trump”

Republican Congressman offers an alternative to the “wall of trump”


Конгрессмен-республиканец предлагает альтернативу «стене Трампа»

Will heard advocates the use of technology to guard the border with Mexico

For residents of the 23rd election district of Texas Congressional proposal of the President of Donald trump to build a wall on the border with Mexico is not an abstract political idea.The 23rd district is one of the few districts in Texas that have supported in the last presidential election of Democrat Hillary Clinton, but the Congress has sent a Republican.

Congressman-an African American will Hurd, representing the district with a predominantly Hispanic population, is configured for a serious struggle for re-election in the midterm elections of 2018. It does not support the call of the trump to the wall contradicts with the line of his party and making his way in the debate on immigration issues. What do you think the voters about his approach?

A large space where there is room for a wide spectrum of political views.

But voters gathered in the restaurant, Ruby’s BBQ on this hot day, I agree with my Congressman, at least in one. “Washington is a circus: you all!”.

This remark applies to both Democrats and Republicans. After last year the herd won with a margin of only 3 thousand votes, he needs every voter. What worries them the most?

“We talk a lot about border security,” says Hurd. And he continues: “People want to know more about the idea of building a “smart” wall and my bill on this subject.”

The bill heard focuses on the technologies used to protect the border. Thus, it distanciruemsa from the idea of building a costly wall the leader of his party President Donald trump. Hurd insists that the canyons and lakes in the County are natural barriers.

A supporter of trump, Whether Wethersby does not accept this argument.

“Will Hurd believes that Donald trump is so stupid that he needs to remind you that you can’t build a wall under lake Amistad?” – he Wethersby.

County herd is unusual in itself. It stretches from the suburbs of San Antonio to international bridge to Mexico. 29 States out of 50 smaller County in size.

Compared to other members of Congress, the share of herd has the longest land border between the U.S. and Mexico. In the city of Eagle Pass, Texas the border fence runs right through the ranch, baseball fields and even a Golf course. Therefore, for local residents offered by the President a trump wall is of great importance.

“It is impossible, says Hurd, is to consider the border as a homogeneous territory, you know it better than others, isn’t it? Every kilometer of the border should be considered separately”.

However, the words heard do not convince some voters of Eagle Pass, who think that they are in danger from drug smuggling across the border.

“All our life we live with this threat, and you’re telling us that we don’t deserve the wall? We deserve it too,” says Enrique Barrera.

Voters concerned with the problem of illegal immigration.

“We have to stop her and we need your help,” – emphasizes the enriqueta Estela Diaz.

Both voters say they will vote for the herd, and, despite disagreements about the walls will hold him responsible border security.

“I love him, and if he does not achieve, we will ask him to move,” – so expressed his attitude to the Congressman of enriqueta Estela.

Former Congressman, Democrat Pete Gallego, who lost the election Herdu, says that this is the spirit of independence expressed by voters in doubt of the position of the herd.

“He says he’s against physical walls, but he voted for the funding of physical walls, and it somehow is not in harmony,” explains Gallego.

Rosie Abuabara of San Antonio belongs among such voters.

“He has all these meetings with the public and gives the impression of “the will of the two parties,” said Abuabara.

Organization Abuabara already trying to challenge the Congressman in the upcoming midterm elections.

“He’s very well received, and many Republicans are not happy,” says Rosie Abuabara.

And this is a sign that independent voters of the 23rd district of Texas, arguing about the wall on the border right at home, you may be able to do even a single change.