Republicans confer at camp David

Republicans confer at camp David


Республиканцы совещаются в Кэмп-Дэвиде

The leaders of the party will discuss the strategy of preparing for the next election

Donald trump and Republican party leaders went to camp David, the country residence of the US presidents in the mountains of Maryland for a two-day meeting.

They should discuss the strategy for preparation for interim elections to be held in November. Then re-elected all 435 members of the house of representatives and one-third (one hundred) senators.

After adoption of new tax legislation at the end of 2017, trump needs a new legislative victories. The white house said that the next priority program of upgrading the infrastructure of the United States. Also on the agenda – immigration reform.

Negotiations with democratic lawmakers, is expected to resume on Tuesday when the leaders of both parties will meet with President trump in the White house.