Republicans voted for releasing classified memos related to the “Russian investigation”

Republicans voted for releasing classified memos related to the “Russian investigation”


Республиканцы проголосовали за обнародование секретной записки, связанной с "российским расследованием"

The note says that the FBI exceeded its authority

Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives voted to publish a memo prepared by the Republican party, which allegedly demonstrated bias against the President Donald Trump with the Ministry of justice.

The Committee also voted against the publication was developed by Democrats memos, but supported its dissemination to all members of Congress, said democratic lawmakers.

The note, written by Committee Chairman Devin Onecom, says the FBI abused the Law, the foreign intelligence surveillance (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act – FISA), using it for undue receipt of orders for activities with untrusted dossier of the connections of the Donald trump of Russia, compiled by the former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

Some Republicans who read the note, given to understand that it contains information that could ruin the whole investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller that the President of trump for a long time called “witch hunt”.

Last week one of the senior officials of the U.S. Department of justice urged the Chairman of the Committee of the house of representatives Devin Nunes not to publish a note saying that it is “extremely reckless” act which may damage U.S. national security and the ongoing investigation.

Congressman, Democrat Adam Schiff, called Monday “a very sad day in the history of this Committee.”

The document is published immediately. According to the law, which was not involved over its 40-year history of the Committee’s work, the President now has five days to decide whether to allow publication or not.

The white house has repeatedly signaled that the President is in favor of disclosure notes in his own party.