Residents of Alabama are getting calls from the message of the trump...

Residents of Alabama are getting calls from the message of the trump in support of Roy Moore


Жители Алабамы получают звонки с сообщением Трампа в поддержку Роя Мура

The President of the United States Donald trump recorded a message for automated calls to voters in Alabama, urging them to vote for Republican Roy Moore in the upcoming Tuesday’s special election to the Senate, and stating that in case of victory of Democrat Doug Jones “all our progress will completely stop.”

“Roy Moore is the man we need for the implementation of the program “let’s Make America great again,” said trump. I need Alabama voted for Roy Moore”.

While trump did not mention erupted ahead of the elections, the scandal surrounding allegations of sexual harassment: two women claim that Moore is inadmissible behaved with them when they were teenagers, and he was over 30.

Trump claims that Jones, in the past held the post of Federal Prosecutor, will become a “puppet” in the hands of the Senate leader of the democratic minority of Charles Schumer and the Democrats ‘ leader in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi. According to trump, Jones will be “each vote along with the Washington liberals.”

“We need to swarm to vote for us,” the President added.

Jones, speaking Sunday at a rally told his supporters: “we know who We are, al. This election, which will allow us to tell the world who we are and what we stand for”.

70-year-old Moore in a Sunday interview said: “I was never molested. I don’t know why I say this, but this is not true.”

On the eve of the election, Moore is planning to conduct the election campaign together with former chief White house strategist Steve Bannon, who is at odds with both the Democrats and the Republican establishment, who opposed the candidacy of Moore.

At the moment, the Republicans occupied 52 of the 100 seats in the Senate. The upcoming election will determine who gets the Senate seat that was held by Jeff sessions, who retired from the chamber to enter the Cabinet of President Donald trump in as attorney General – the head of the law enforcement system of the country. If Jones wins, the advantage of the Republicans will be reduced to 51 to 49 votes.

Surveys at different times showed that in the lead then Moore, Jones. A Fox News poll conducted in recent days, showed that Jones pulled ahead with a score of: 50 to 40 percent.