Ressence — c mechanical watch “smart” instincts

Ressence — c mechanical watch “smart” instincts


Many models of hybrid hours resemble the classic appearance only — they are usually too stuffed to the eyeballs with electronic filling, and inviting the prefix “smart” in the title, but not in this case. The company Ressence presented his concept of the Type 2 e-Crown Concept to show what could be a modern classic timepiece, crafted with an eye on the latest technological advances.

Initially watches require the normal setting — everything is exactly the same as with conventional clocks. The user sets the time, turns them and then they automatically contact iPhone app that can independently change time zone and translate the time from summer to winter and back. All settings are saved, so if the reserve ran out, again to tighten up don’t need anything, simply click on the surface of the watch.

The design of the clock allows the use of both kinetic and solar energy to maintain the clock in working condition. If the battery is discharged more than 50 percent, the clock itself will open the “blinds” covering the solar panels.

Unfortunately, to buy the clock does not work — the developers explained that made them exclusively for technology demonstration. Nevertheless, the presented model will be modified and that’s just the second version and will go on sale in 2018.